How I Do It: My Schedule

A sample daily schedule of a busy mom of three children. Get a sample daily schedule to follow to be productive as a mom.

creating a daily schedule

A reader asked that I share my daily schedule in this series.

Right now, my daily schedule can vary quite a bit from day to day due to school, preschool, dance, and piano lessons. Here is a common day.

First, I will direct you to these two posts that give an over-arching insight to how I get stuff done:

Basic Daily Routine

These times are approximate.

6:00 AM: Wake up and exercise
6:40-7:00 AM: Scripture Study
7:30 AM: Shower/get ready
8:00 AM: Get kids ready for the day. Clean up breakfast. We then do our learning poster part of learning time and sometimes the learning activity also.
10:00 AM: Daily chore. This is usually sprinkled in with the two hours before this in getting kids ready for the day, also.
10:30 AM: Chores/blogging/crafts/etc.
12:00 PM: Lunch. Then clean up lunch.
1:00 PM: Learning activity if it hasn’t been done yet. If so, random chores or play with girls.
1:30 PM: Put girls in nap and rest time. Then time for hobbies or cleaning. Or theoretically relaxing 🙂 I also do SSR with Kaitlyn in this block and homework with Brayden.
4-4:30 PM: Start dinner (unless we are doing something that had to be started earlier).
5:30 PM: Dinner time. Clean up dinner and chores, then family time.
7-7:30 PM: Start getting kids ready for bed.
8-8:30 PM: Kids in bed. Then “chillax” with my husband.

For further details, see:

Let me know if you have any questions! And share your own basic schedules of how you do it.