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How I Do It Series: What I Learned From You!

Through this series, many of you have offered your own advice in various topics, and I wanted to share some things I have tried and have loved!   Exercise: So… View Post

How I Do It: My Schedule

    A reader asked that I share my daily schedule in this series.   Right now, my daily schedule can vary quite from day to day due to school,… View Post

How I Do It: Learning Time

Pin It   Learning time at our house is something that has definitely grown over the years. I remember talking to one of my very best friends when Brayden was two. She… View Post

How I Do It: Relax

Um….I really don’t do a good job at this. I do find my hobbies relaxing to an extent, but I don’t think I would categorize “sewing” as relaxing. It isn’t… View Post

How I Do It: Organize Myself

The best way to be able to accomplish what you want to in a day is to organize yourself somehow. There are many facets to organizing. I love to organize… View Post

How I Do It: Errands

How and when you run errands is going to be so very, very specific to your individual family. How far do you live from “errands”? What types of errands do… View Post