6 Simple Ways to Naturally Prevent and Treat a Cold

In this post: How to Prevent and Treat a Cold Naturally. Natural ways to prevent getting a cold.

There are much worse sicknesses to have in life than a cold, however, having a cold is not enjoyable in the least. A cold will interfere with your sleep since you are contested. A cold makes it hard to focus on things around you since you do not feel well and you aren’t sleeping well. A cold also seems to last forever, so this non-sleeping, non-paying-attention cycle lasts a significant amount of time.

How to Prevent and Treat a Cold Naturally with 6 Simple Steps

We have some things we do to help prevent a cold from making a home in our home and for helping banish it as quickly as possible when it does settle in. Whether it is a parent or a child with the cold, we want it gone quickly. A child can really be grumpy when a cold is present. Sleep suffers and obedience can decline because the child just isn’t feeling well. As a parent, when you have a cold, you can be less patient and kind toward your family because you don’t feel well and aren’t sleeping well. We want the cold gone as fast as possible!

6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Treat a Cold

When anyone in our house gets a cold, we put a humidifier in the bedroom at night. We live in a dry climate and winters get VERY dry. A humidifier always helps us to get over the cold quickly. You do need to make sure you don’t have the home too humid (see this article to find out ideal humidity levels). You also need to make sure your humidifier is kept clean and free of mold and bacteria. We have been using this humidifier and really like it (affiliate link).

Essential Oils
I love On Guard from doTERRA to prevent sickness–the oils, the beadlets…the everything. They have a whole line. If one person in the house gets sick, or if sickness is running rampant through the school, I run On Guard in a diffuser. If someone gets a cold, we use the oil Breath. We rub it on the chest and put it in a diffuser. It helps a lot to help you breath (hence the name).

Healthy Eating
It is an age-old piece of advice, but eating healthy foods helps your body be stronger and fight off sickenss. Be sure you are eating healthy and getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need. This can be harder in the winter since fresh fruits and veggies are more expensive. You might try a multi-vitamin or some vitamin C to help you out.


Another age-old piece of advice, but exercise is very helpful in keeping you healthy. Exercise boosts your immune system.

“In one study in the American Journal of Medicine, women who walked for a half-hour every day for 1 year had half the number of colds as those who didn’t exercise. Researchers found that regular walking may lead to a higher number of white blood cells, which fight infections.” Exercise and the Common Cold

If you have a cold, I always find cardio to clear my sinuses, which is a much-welcomed time of relief during a cold! I work out six days a week, and I only skip if I am puking. Colds do not stop me.

I know this is super obvious, but I can’t cut out the obvious! Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Be intentional about washing your hands when you get home. If I have helped at the school or have been out shopping, I make sure I wash my hands as soon as I walk in the door.

Manage Stress

I rarely get sick with my above tactics, but always find that when I do get sick, it is when I am at a point of high-stress in my life. The worst is at Christmas! Take extra care of yourself in times of stress. I know, believe me, it is hard to take time to relax when you are stressed about something. There is no time! Just remember how much less effective you will be if you get sick. You will not be operating at full capacity.

There you have my simple system! Do you have any tried and true methods you use to prevent and treat the cold?

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