I Believe in Babywise!


by Shannon- mommy of 2 blessings  son 3 daughter 1 


I was introduced to the blessed book babywise through all the amazingly wisdom filled moms at my church. I read it twice before my first child was born. I did  stick with the babywise schedule feeding from day one and he was a great eater. After  his birth I caved a bit thinking oh how can I do this to a newborn just another week older then ill start. By one month old the 2:00 a.m vacuum running to get him back to sleep had me so sleep deprived and crazy I said that’s it were starting now. We then started our baby wise journey at one month old. 


Next morning it was nursing with ice cubes on feet, wake time, and down to sleep with CIO if needed. Took a few nights but I was sooo ready. Within a couple days naps and nighttime was great. He was sleeping through the night by about 7-8 weeks. I knew when to tweak naps by his falling asleep or waking early days. Then I would just tweak the times with more wake time or less. He is now almost three and is a great eater, napper and night sleeper. I also bought all the babywise books through potty wise. I had him potty trained by 20 months. I followed everything in their book and he took to it very well. With about 2 military style potty days at the house.


My little girl was also baby wised. I started her on day 2 and followed Val’s notes on Brinley, what an amazing blessing they were. Again when she has trouble going down or getting up early I just tweak wake times and wait for the sleep cues. She was sleeping through the night by about 9 weeks. She just slept through on her own one night and it stuck. All moms know that 5:00 a.m. panic of, is my baby ok in there room, shall I enjoy this restful sleep… Uh no I’m to worried about the silence in the next room. Why isnt she up?….. Well God is good and it was just my children sleeping peacefully through the night. That did happen a few more time though. My son had to have a couple cio night to make it. 


She is a baby wise perfect gal. She is almost one year and basically puts herself to bed its so wonderful. I try not to push this book but truly believe in it  and what it stands for.

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