July Parent/Child Accountability Report

It is amazing how easy it is to schedule in dates when you don’t have a million things going on. We had an easy time getting all of our dates in.




Brayden (age 10)

Brayden was with Nate this month. They went to a Demolition Derby. I am not sure how common this is around the country much less the world. A Demolition Derby is when a bunch of people go into an arena in cars (or trucks) that have been modified and crash into each other. The last few with a car still running get to go into a final match up where they all crash into each other until there is one winner. It is quite entertaining. Kaitlyn pretty much hates them because they are so loud, so it is a great date night for Nate and Brayden.


Kaitlyn (age 8)

Nate took Kaitlyn to see the new Minion movie in the theater. I personally was more than thrilled to not have to see that show. Nate said it was funny, but a lot more entertaining for a child than an adult. 


McKenna (age 6)

I had McKenna this month. She really wanted to go miniature golfing. I knew it was because her siblings had gone last month and I wasn’t how sure she would like it in the end, but we had a buy one get one free pass, so we went for it. She did way better than I expected (she beat the score I had last time on a date Nate and I went on). Not bad for her first time. She enjoyed it, but she didn’t love it. It was not fast paced enough for this active child.




Brinley (age 2)

Brinley and I went to our little local zoo. It is super small, but for a two year old it is still quite interesting. She loved looking at the animals. She even had a cockatoo talk to her quite a lot. After the zoo we headed to the park and played for a while. She always likes trying out new parks. 


“Look! It’s Sven!”


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  1. Hi! Forgive me if the answer to this is somewhere else on the blog. I have hunted around, but still feel at a loss. My daughter is 12 weeks old now. We have attempted to get her on a schedule from the beginning. It has been going reasonably well…eating every three hours. A two weeks ago she STTN for a week straight for the first time (following first round of vaccines). I was pumped! Since that time, however, she has been completely random. Sometimes she wakes at 2 AM, sometimes 4 AM, sometimes 6:00/6:30 (trying to reach a waketime of 7 or 7:30. She naps very inconsistently as well. Some days, she will go down easy and sleep for 2 hours and other days, it's a struggle to get her to nap for more than an hour at a time. I believe that I am being very consistent. We keep the same waketime and bedtime, regardless of the nap or nighttime sleep situation. We try to stick as closely as possible to the three hour schedule (in terms of hunger cues, she does fine on a three hour schedule). and include a dreamfeed (although she never eats much at this feed). At night, I have tried to get her closer to the 7 AM waketime by giving her a pacifier, rocking her back to sleep, allowing her to cry, etc. I feel that she is genuinely hungry when she wakes at night due to the randomness of the waketimes. At this point, I just feel at a complete loss. I can't understand why she STTN for a week, but now can't seem to do it. I think she had a growth spurt about a week ago, but is out of that now. I was hoping things would settle back into a normal routine, but she has just seemed all the more inconsistent. Any thoughts would be so appreciated! I contemplated going to a 2.5 hour routine in hopes of getting one more day feed into her schedule, but I'm afraid this might interfere with her naps AND I'm not sure that she even needs this because she does fine in between 3 hour feeds. I’m also about to go back to work, so I worry about trying something new at this point. Thanks in advance for your help!-Mary


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