Kaitlyn Child Summary: 6.5 Years Old


This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 6.25 years to 6.5 years old.



Eating is improving. She is getting more concerned about eating “healthy” foods. She isn’t fully there–but I am eagerly anticipating the unit on nutrition they do in first grade. Love that thing. The children all seem to take it very seriously.



Sleeping is great! 



Kaitlyn is very content to play on her own. 


When she has friends over, I have noticed she has a limit on how long she really enjoys having someone here. It seems to be about two hours. I am wondering if this indicates that she is an introvert. 



She is doing great in school! She has adjusted well to being at school full day (we have half-day Kindergarten). You might remember in Kindergarten we had the “Kindertude”–there is nothing like that in first grade. She is an extreme perfectionist. She really doesn’t want to make a mistake at anything. 


Kaitlyn has also had some test anxiety. Anytime she was told “test,” she really got super concerned and nervous. At the beginning of the year, they “tested” reading ability and split them up into reading groups. She started coming home with reading books she read in the middle of Kindergarten….I talked to her teacher and they reevaluated and moved her up where she should be (well, she should be working alone because she is far ahead, but I didn’t want her in her own reading group by herself. So they put her in the top one and we are working on just offering challenge at home for reading). 


Before her first spelling test, she was really getting concerned. I happened to be talking to Brayden’s teacher and mentioned it. She gave me a couple of simple techniques to have her do to calm herself down. One is deep breathing. She also said to have her visualize something she loves to do (we chose drawing). We have her close her eyes and envision herself drawing. This helps her heart rate slow down. Brayden’s teacher also told me that, really unfortunately, children are tested so much these days that they pretty quickly get over fear of tests. 


Kaitlyn was postive she would fail her first spelling test. We assured her that even if that happened, it would be okay. I then asked her what she thought “fail” meant and she though it was getting less than 100%. So I explained what it would take to actually fail a test. Then we did several practice tests replicating what a test is like. 


She is doing so much better! After that first spelling test (which she got 100% on), her confidence really went up. She hasn’t been worried about tests since. She also has an awesome teacher. Really a great and amazing teacher. She recognizes Kaitlyn’s perfectionism and stress and helps her realize it is okay to make a mistake. So far, Kaitlyn has gotten everything right on every test and every homework sheet, so her teacher is trying to mentally prepare her for that first mistake. I just love teachers!



Kaitlyn is doing piano lessons, dance, and gymnastics. I never intended her to be in gymnastics, but she wanted to try it and I honestly thought she would do it for a month and realize it isn’t for her. She isn’t very strong in her upper body naturally. But she has loved it! And I have heard such positive things from people who have their children do gymnastics and she is getting much stronger in her upper body as she does it.



Kaitlyn is about as easy as a child can be. She is sweet, obedient, calm, helpful, kind…but we all have our challenges. Right now, Kaitlyn is still facing challenge with honesty. She finds it so funny and is actually proud of herself if she “tricks” me into believing a lie. They can be very innocent lies. I am not sure why she feels a sense of accomplishment for me believing her without question. We talk to her about it. I am still hoping it is some developmental phase she is going through, but if it continues longer, I will have to start doing some research on the topic.



The second challenge I feel we are facing is Kaitlyn is boy crazy. She has lots of boys who are good friends with no strangeness about it. But she has a crush on one of Brayden’s friends. She seems young to me to be having crushes. It makes me think we will need to be diligent about something in this area–something I need to do research on! It won’t help that she has an older brother just two years older with lots of cute friends. Maybe it is a good thing she has only one crush instead of having a crush on every boy out there. 


Some initial thoughts I have is that we need to make sure her “love languages” are filled at home so she doesn’t feel the need to seek it elsewhere. 


And worries like this are just the tip of the ice burg on why a baby is so easy :). And maybe I am stressing about this more than I need to.



Here is our typical school day schedule.


7:00–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get Ready. Practice piano. Chores.

Go to school.

Come home from school.

4:00–Homework. Free play until dinner.

5-5:30–dinner. Family time

7:00–start getting ready for bed 

8:30–in bed







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