Brinley Summary: 6.5 Years Old

Schedule for a six year old. Summary of 6.5 year old girl. Daily life and routine of a first grader.

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This is a summary for Brinley from 6 years 3 months to 6.5 years old.


Eating has been great. Brinley has some interesting tastes. Or, rather, one interesting taste. She LOVES fry sauce. Fry sauce is mayo and ketchup mixed together. It is amazing. Brinley thinks it is so amazing she dips every type of meat she ever eats in it. She also will dip watermelon in it…which is weird.

She was dipping her salad in it. Thousand Island Dressing is very similar to fry sauce, so I got some Thousand Island for her. She did not like it and went back to fry sauce.

It is very odd.


Sleeping is all good. Brinley has had bad dreams in the past, but she hasn’t had any bad dream issues lately.

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School has been going well. Brinley’s teacher has a system where he keeps each child in the class on a behavior chart. If they get green, that means everything has been great. There are several colors below green. The next color down is yellow. Brinley has had a couple of yellow days for talking to friends, but all other days have been green. It is very helpful for her to know she will be showing me how her behavior was at school.

Brinley did comment recently that school was boring. I asked her why it was boring and she said because she has to just sit there and wait for other kids to catch up. She understands things quickly and spends a lot of time waiting. This comment was just another assurance to me that sending Brinley to school as the youngest in her grade was the right move for her.


Brinley STILL has not lost a tooth. I was checking her teeth the other day and realized she had a tooth coming in behind her baby teeth. Ugh. McKenna had a couple of teeth do that. It is really fine, other than it doesn’t push that baby tooth out so it is much harder to pull the tooth out.

When it happened to McKenna, I commented I was glad it was her because she has a high pain tolerance. Brinley is a lot more sensitive, so I don’t know how the experience will be.

She is also getting in her 6 year molars.

With all of the teeth growing in her mouth, she is more emotional than usual. Brinley has always had painful teething experiences. I wondered if she was either getting sick or had teeth because she was emotional and sassy. When she gets like that, she is usually in pain or discomfort. That doesn’t mean it is okay for her to do, but it helps explain it some.


Brinley is always concerned about who she is going to marry. She doesn’t seem to have a crush on any one person…she just likes boys and likes the idea of getting married. She really wants to marry Brayden and is annoyed that I tell her she can’t. She often asks me who she is going to marry, where she will live when she grows up, and how she will know how to get around when she moves out of the house. We frequently have these conversations.

Schedule for a six year old. Summary of 6.5 year old girl. Daily life and routine of a first grader. 


During my surgery and recovery, Brinley was great. She was very good to be careful with me. I could tell she was worried. She is a very affectionate person, so it was hard for her to not just really give me a big hug and squeeze. I was glad she was as old as she was. It would have been very hard with a preschooler or younger.


  • Piano: Piano started back up for her. She is progressing. You might remember Brayden is her teacher right now. It is not ideal to be taught by family, but is a good experience for both of them.
  • Gymnastics: Gymnastics has continued to be fun for her. I can’t ever see Brinley doing gymnastics for anything but just for fun, but I think it is such a valuable activity to do.
  • Swimming: Brinley has swimming lessons once a week. This will be ending for the next quarter at least while the pool is remodeled. It is too bad because she is really hitting a groove of improvement, but she is young enough she will be fine. It does free up an evening each week for me.
  • Basketball: Brinley played basketball for the first time during this period. It was a boy/girl team. She had fun. She liked to play defense. One of her best defensive moves was to scowl at the player, which actually worked pretty well on some of the boys! HA!


6:40 – Wake up. Family scriptures. Get ready for school. Piano practice happens in this time slot.
8:30 – Leave for school
4:00 – Get home from school. Homework (she very rarely has homework), chores, family time, dinner, free play.
8:00 – Bedtime


Here are some photos from this time period.




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  1. I see from your summaries that your 6.5 YOs are in bed about 10.5 hours at night. How do you know when to start shorting their night from the 12-hour night of a younger child? And how long do your 6.5 YOs take to go to sleep? My 6.75 YO has always had trouble falling asleep and can take up to an hour to go to sleep no matter when she goes to bed, it seems. I’m wondering if I should be letting her consistently stay up a bit later. Currently bedtime happens between 7 and 7:45 (hopefully asleep by 8:30–I don’t use a monitor anymore and don’t always know) and she’s allowed to get up at 6:45 but sometimes doesn’t wake up until as late as 7:15.

    • I don’t intentionally shorten nights. You can definitely try letting her stay up a bit later and see what happens. You can also let her look at a certain number of books in bed or for a certain amount of time before lights out. You can try moving her bedtime back by 15 minutes and see how she does the next day.

      She might just need some time to wind down in bed and will take some time no matter what time she goes down.


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