Kaitlyn Child Summary: 6.25 Years Old

6.25 year old life and daily routine. Learn about her daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with six year olds. Learn about working with a child who is a picky eater, allowing kids to read before bedtime, balancing summer fun with the schedule, and dealing with lying from your child.

6.25 year old Kaitlyn standing by a wood fence

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from age 6 to 6.25 years.


Last time, I talked about her hand pinching. She is not doing that in a noticeable way anymore–I am not sure if she has stopped altogether or if it is just not often enough to notice.

I also talked about her activities of soccer, dance, piano, and school. They all ended well and she continued to enjoy them.


Eating is okay. She is still picky about her food. She doesn’t complain, at least, about foods. There was a time when she would sit down at the table and say, “Bleh! I don’t like this!”

We got very strict about that and made a hard rule that saying such things was not allowed at the table. If it was said, the person would leave the table and go sit in time out for a bit and the meal would continue on without that person. She knows she will be expected to try each food if she hasn’t had it before. 

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I also have some constant substitutes. If she doesn’t like the vegetable that is with dinner, she can always get fresh carrots out to eat. She knows I expect balanced meals (and as a side note, she will learn about this in detail in first grade, which I really hope motivates her to be more accepting of varied foods).


Sleeping is great! We now allow her to read in bed for 5-10 minutes before turning off her light and going to sleep. She is really good to follow this rule and loves her special reading time. 


She is still obsessed with art. Each week in the summer, we go to the library. Each week, she checks out books on arts and crafts. My little six year old is over in the non-fiction section searching for books :). Before the art books, she was doing animal books. 


A new activity she did this last few months was tee ball. Tee ball here is quite simple–the whole team gets to bat and the whole team makes it home each inning. She told me she likes tee ball better than soccer because “it is MUCH easier to score a point!” Ha–we will see what she makes of softball next year. 


Kaitlyn is a very nurturing soul. You will never see a little girl better with the elderly. She is also amazing with Brinley. She loves to help feed her and take care of her. I recently remarked that having a baby is quite easy with a six year old girl around :).

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We have had some good summer fun so far! It is always a trick to find the right balance of relaxing things and allowing some freedom during summer break while still maintaining the proper freedom balance so the child doesn’t become “wise in own eyes.”

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We have very recently entered a phase of dishonesty (I hope it is a phase!). The worst part is that she is GOOD at it. I can’t tell just by looking at her that she is being dishonest like I can my other kids. I only know because I have had the feeling she wasn’t being honest, so with some digging figured out I was right. 

She can weave some pretty believable tales (in fun–like telling stories), so she obviously has a gift for creating stories. 

This dishonesty is really just a week old, so we aren’t far into it yet. So far, we have talked with her about the importance of honesty, and she seems to want to be honest and I think she has improved in the last couple of days. I will update more next time when we have had more time to work through this.

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Here is our typical school day schedule since most of this period was in school.

7:00–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get Ready. Free Play until school.
Go to school.
Come home from school.
1:00–Learning Activities Time
1:30–Play with McKenna
2:00–Independent Playtime
3:00–Practice piano and homework if she has it. Time with Mommy
4:00–TV time
5-5:30–dinner. Family time
7:00–start getting ready for bed 
8:00–in bed



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