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I have two children. One 4 1/2 year old boy and one 22 month old girl.

I feel so extremely blessed to know about Babywise and have used it with both children and LOVE it! If I hadn’t been introduced to Babywise by a friend I don’t know where I/children/ family would be! I hate to think about that:)

I had read the Babywise book 8 years before I even had children and knew that is what I wanted to do. I saw the benefits it had with my friends children and I wanted that! I knew I wouldn’t cope well with less sleep and everyone tells you how little sleep you can get when children come along so I really wanted to try Babywise as I knew I would get more sleep if it worked!

When my precious first baby arrived I couldn’t wait to start implementing Babywise. I started the techniques while I was in hospital with him as a newborn. He caught on really quickly and before I knew it he was 12 1/2 weeks old and sleeping through the night. Woo hoo! That is when I could really start seeing some of my hard work payoff with being consistent with his feed, wake, sleep cycle. As my baby grew into a toddler then preschooler I realised that Babywise wasn’t just great information about how to get your child to sleep but it has been extremely helpful with giving me ideas on how to be a good parent, teaching obedience, self control, patience etc.

When baby 2 came along I started implementing Babywise straight away while she was a newborn in hospital. She also caught on quickly. She started sleeping through the night at around 12 weeks. I have been definitely more relaxed as a mum second time around. If she doesn’t have a proper nap for whatever reason I don’t stress like I used to with child #1. If we are out and about and she doesn’t get to have a nap I know she’ll cope and all will be well and she’ll catch up on sleep over the next day or so and snap back into routine.

I love how Babywise has given our family peace, structure, routine, happiness!! I get a little stressed when I see friends struggling with sleep deprivation, co-sleeping with baby to get a little bit more sleep, family life strained because of lack of sleep and minimal routine. Every family is different and do things differently. I do believe though that there are easier ways to go about life and Babywise for our family was definitely the best choice we have made. We will be eternally grateful.

Lisa R

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