My Favorite Toddler/Preschooler Girl Shoes

Everywhere Brinley goes, she wears these shoes. Everywhere Brinley goes, she gets compliment after compliment on these shoes.


It all started last Christmas season. Brinley loves to play dress up, so I decided a great gift for her would be some dress up shoes. When I was looking at the dress up shoes, however, the prices were high. Way higher than I wanted to spend on cheap plastic toy shoes that would break. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.  I decided to browse sparkly shoes and see what I could find. 


I saw that I could buy real shoes that were fancy for less money than the dress up shoes. Done and done!


She loved them. She wore them everywhere. I didn’t care where she wore them or what she did in them because they were dress up shoes. Dragging the toes on the ground? No big deal. Play shoes. Walking in the dirt? Whatever. Play shoes. 


She recently grew out of her sparkly shoes, so I went ahead and ordered her another pair the next size up for her birthday. 


Why do I love these shoes?

  • They are very cute.
  • They are well made. They have taken a lot of play and beating before they start to look bad.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • My child can very easily slip them on and off all by herself. 

Each time I purchased these shoes, I got them for $11. Choose your child’s size, then look and see which color is the best price and decide if you like that color. Be sure you pay attention to shipping cost, as well. I have found shoes prices change quickly on Amazon. If the shoe you want is around $10, don’t delay. They might be $20 tomorrow. If they are $20, check back tomorrow to see if they have dropped. We did the champagne color first and now have the silver. They have both been great colors that go well with basically everything.

These shoes obviously aren’t appropriate for every activity you will ever do, but they will work for most! And you can just tell your daughter to put her shoes on and walk out the door. Win for everyone!


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