New Testament Study Material Review

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New Testament Study Material Review. A review of the study material created by the Red Headed Hostess for the Come Follow Me New Testament manual.

New Testament Study Material Review. A review of the study material created by the Red Headed Hostess for the Come Follow Me New Testament manual.

I am so excited to share this study material for the New Testament with you. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be focused on studying the New Testament in 2019. We are moving from a 3 hour church block to a 2 hour church block, but have been asked to spend that third hour studying as a family. We will be working from the Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families:  New Testament 2019 manual.

I have always heard such great things about the study helps from The Red Headed Hostess. One day, I was watching Instastories and saw one from her on her New Testament study guide. After chatting with her, she sent me a couple of study guides and a youth journal for each of my children to look over and try out  in exchange for my honest review.

These materials are meant to assist and guide during your individual/family study using the Come, Follow Me – New Testament for Individuals and Families manual released by the Church for 2019.

They have a holiday sale going on right now on these, so if you want one, head over right away! I think these would make great extra Christmas gifts for your family.

I created a video to show you all about these items.



I am really excited to use these items. Nate and I are looking forward to this new study format, but at the same time, the weight of responsibility is heavy. There are fewer backup helpers out there for teaching our children and we need to make sure we are on top of things so our children get a legitimate lesson and not something thrown together at the last minute.

With as busy as life gets, I think it will be so helpful to have these guides to keep our study focused and help us stay on track in our preparation to teach the New Testament to our children. I love that things are sectioned off as you study. I find this super helpful as a mother because you get interrupted about 1 billion times a day, especially when you are trying to be still and quiet.

These sectioned off blocks, or study squares, make it easier to focus on a few versus at a time and write down your thoughts before 1,000 ‘whys’ push your thoughts out of your head. You can easily study bit by bit with this system if you don’t have a block of time you can study all at once. I love that each section of versus is summarized with your block so you can focus on what the versus are teaching you.

There is also space with each week for you to plan Family Home Evening or Family Scripture Study time. There are also activity or teaching ideas to go with each lesson.

I am also really excited for the Lesson Journals for my children. My kids retain so much more of what they learn when they take notes as they go. I love that these journals help give them a dedicated space to take notes. They also get random facts and information as they go along.

The journal follows the dates, topics, and scripture chapters as found in Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families:  New Testament 2019.  
You will love these study guides as you go through studying the New Testament with your family this upcoming year. Head over to The Red Headed Hostess to get your copies ordered while they are on sale!
New Testament Study Material Review. A review of the study material created by the Red Headed Hostess for the Come Follow Me New Testament manual.

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