Newborn Products: What we used month 2

Find out what you REALLY need to get to be prepared for your newborn baby in month two. These are items you will actually use.

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Another month has come and gone. I shared what we used in the first month, so now what did we use in the second month?

We used all of the same things we used in month 1, so be sure to also check that post out if you have not yet. In this post, I am sharing what I added to what we used month 1.

When you are getting ready to have your baby, you don’t want to buy things you don’t need. This list will help you decide what you really need.


The Babywise Mom Book of Logs eBook cover

We used all of the same things we used in month one and didn’t add anything new to the mix. I don’t see anything really being added until we start solids…

…except for Lilly Padz. I already own them and plan to use them. I just think I want my milk very regulated…I guess I could start now. Maybe I will…

Oh, and of course now that I have published about it, we used the Book of Logs for tacking eating.

OH! It helps to write this all out. We also attempted to use Philips Avent 4oz Bottles. But she is not a great bottle taker. Yet. Hopefully that is a yet. Do you have a favorite bottle?


We used all of the same things. We started going for walks this month. Because I have two children to push in a stroller, we used the double stroller we have had since Kaitlyn was born.

I know there are much fancier strollers out there, but you can’t get one much cheaper than the Jeep Stroller. We don’t use it a ton, so this has always worked well. One side reclines some. I put the baby in that side. I also used the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler to help support her. And I used a stroller blanket to help keep her out of the sun.


We used all of the same things…plus…

  • Diapers: We have always used the Kroger store brand diapers for all of our children once they were out of the newborn diapers. The problem is that I don’t regularly shop at the Kroger store, and to go there for diapers is a 15-20 minute special trip one way. So I decided to try the generic brand at the store I do shop at regularly. This is Western Family. Western Family, when not on sale, is half of what Huggies is on sale. So…it is worth the try right? Overall, they work well. The velcro is not perfect. There have been a couple of times it has come undone and led to a leak. But I think that $20-30 dollars a month is probably worth a couple of leaks. Before that, we were using Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers. What is your favorite diaper brand?


We used all of the same things as I listed last month. We also used a swing. 

  • Swing: Sometimes, the swing is so great for naps. It is great for witching hour. It is also great for when baby was kept up too long and/or is overstimulated. They don’t make the exact swing we have, but this is the updated model. Fisher-Price Swing


Once again, it was all the same this month. I have to mention that I am loving my Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag Tote Bag, Pewter Dot. I get many compliments and it is great quality.

Something a lot of people will have used by now is a sling or baby carrier. The ErgoBaby Carrier is one of the most popular. There are also many kinds of slings. These can be great for being out and about with baby–especially if you have other children. I almost used my sling, but my mom and my mother-in-law were with me, and there was no way that baby was getting put in a sling when they were around to hold her 🙂


No new clothes. The weather has not significantly changed and she is still in the same size. Well, last month she was really a newborn size and this month she is into her 0-3 month size. 

Here are some socks like I was talking about that look like shoes: Trumpette Mary Jane. And they make some for boys: Trumpette Johnny’s Sneaker


We used the exact same medications. On the last day, we also added Pedia Care Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever, Infants in response to her vaccinations. This is a great brand because of how they make the dispenser. You just stick the tip in and tip the bottle upside down to get the medicine out (like they do vaccines). It is so easy and less messy than sticking the entire dropper in there. I love it.

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Newborn Products month 2

8 thoughts on “Newborn Products: What we used month 2”

  1. I used (and will use again with #2) Target brand diapers, Up & Up. I don't know the exact price but they're always much cheaper than Pampers, Huggies, etc. And I loved them!

  2. I agree with Kim. I love Target brand diapers. They are great. Target brand formula is great, too. I breastfeed but use formula on occasion, and theirs is much cheaper. I like the swing we have. It is called nature's swing, but it is older. I like that it does not have the legs separated because we swaddle.

  3. How fun that your mom and mother-in-law can be with you so often. My third practically lived in the Ergo for the first months whenever we were out and about since we don't have any relatives near by! I'm totally eying the diaper's only $72 on Amazon and I need an update! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Our first took to Avent bottles beautifully, but with our second the wider nipple base seemed to lead to more gas for her, so we used Dr. Brown's regular nipple bottles and she has done wonderfully with those.As for diapers, we have not been able to use generic diapers successfully with either one of our children. My babies are not "wide" enough to fit what seems to be the "boxy" make of the generic diapers we have tried. At the moment, for our 9 month old, we are using LUVS, size 3, during the day and Huggies, size 4, at night. She is only 17 lbs, a pound larger than the start of size 3 diapers, but she already needs the larger size for night. Pampers diapers are ok, they just get so squishy, but if there is a good deal and coupon for them, I will purchase them.As for swings, I cannot help you there. Both of our daughters have LOATHED the swing.

  5. Jennifer snatch it while it is low! When I first put it in my wish list, it was low and when I bought it, it had gone up 20. It was so hard for me to pay for it. Of course you could wait for it to go back down. It obviously fluctuates a lot.

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your diaper preferences. It can be expensive to try them out, so if you can find something the majority likes and start there, it is helpful.

  7. My son had a virus and our Dr recommended giving him something to ease the pain and fever he got. I went to the store and being the new mom that I am bought three different fever/pain medications. We ended up going with the Little Remedies brand, which also has the tip you stink in the bottle but doesn't have the sodium or high fructose corn syrup that the PediaCare does. Though I did call my doctor to ask which one is better and she said they are all pretty much the same 🙂


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