Baby Nighttime Sleep Guidelines: 9-15 Weeks Old


Find out how long you can let your baby sleep at night and how long baby can go between feedings for 9-15 week olds.

Baby sleeping at night

Many parents wonder how long they can let their baby sleep at night without compromising baby growth and/or milk supply.

First of all, if your newborn is not sleeping at least 7 hours at night, I want you to just close the post and walk away. Don’t read it.

If you are still here, let me first tell you that my first three babies at this age were not sleeping as long as I am about to talk about. They all turned out fine. They all slept this long at some point.

So if your baby is not sleeping as long as I am about to talk about, don’t stress, don’t worry about what you are doing wrong–it is okay. Everything will be okay.

If your baby is 9-15 weeks old, here are some guidelines for night sleep.

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Bottlefed Baby Night Sleep

A bottlefed baby can go up to 11 hours at night between feedings.

This doesn’t mean she will or that she must, just that some babies in this age range can. Do not go more than 11 hours. (On Becoming Babywise page 121). Also note, a 9 week old won’t necessarily be at 11 hours. It can be a gradual process that is achieved by 15 weeks old.

Breastfed Baby Night Sleep

A breastfed baby can go 9-10 hours at night. This doesn’t mean she definitely will or that she must, just that she can.

Do not go over 10 hours between feedings.

Just as with a bottlefed baby, it can be a gradual process that is achieved by 15 weeks old.

If you let a breastfed baby go more than 9-10 hours at this age, you are risking milk supply issues. If you are concerned with milk supply, stay on the 9-hour side of this range.

If you pump, you could try going 11 hours, but make sure you time your pump so there is no more than 9 hours between pumping and baby eating.


Now you know in quick reference how long you can let your 9-15 week old go through the night between feedings. Always be mindful of baby’s growth and of milk supply.

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Baby night sleep guidelines

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