An Honest Babywise Book Review

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How To Do On Becoming Babywise

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Babywise and Twins: the newborn days

Babywise and Twins: the newborn days My name is Kristi and I’m a mother of twins (and then some) Hello. I’m Kristi, mother to twins David and Erik (almost 4),… View Post

Babywise and Colic

In just three children and five pregnancies, I have experienced a whole lot of what parenthood can throw at you. I have the terrible pregnancies. I have lost a baby.… View Post

Your Babywise Baby: First Year Overview

Overview of the your Babywise baby’s first year. What to expect in the first year. Know how many feedings to have, when to drop feedings, how many naps baby should… View Post

Nighttime Sleep: 9-15 Weeks Old

    Okay, first of all, if your newborn is not sleeping at least 7 hours at night, I want you to just close the post and walk away. Don’t… View Post

Understanding Flexibility

image source     On Becoming Babywise has a section in the book aimed at helping you to understand how to apply flexibility to your daily life (starting on page… View Post