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I’ve read some of the anti-babywise posts on some blogs, and I feel I should start this off by saying Babywise isn’t for everyone… Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and entitled to voice that opinion. Having said that, without wanting to sound judgmental at all, I say – I sincerely don’t know how people raise a baby without babywise??


I now have a 22 month old and a 4 month old – both raised using Babywise. I had friends that used Babywise and raved about it, their kids were always so happy, ate so well, so well behaved, slept like a dream….so there was really no question when I got pregnant with my older son that I would be reading the book! My sons were ‘textbook’ Babywise babies, everything went really well right out of the gate! There were of course some hiccups along the way, and the best piece of advice I got from one of the ladies on the Babywise blog was that we’re not raising robots. My sons slept 9 hours through the night at 7 weeks and 12 hours through the night at 13 weeks. They nap like champs, and when they don’t, it was so easy to troubleshoot. Babywise allowed to me to really get to know them, understand them, their cries, and give them exactly what they needed at that time! 


I have to say, I know some of the issues surrounding the controversy of Babywise deals with failure to thrive and focusing more on the sleep than on the feeding. To this I say – ‘While the book offers a way to get onto a routine, and speaks of sleeping through the night at what some might think is such an early age, it’s MAIN focus is on full feedings, getting to know your baby’s cries, so when you know your baby is hungry, you feed them. I believe I got/get so many compliments with my boys is because they’re fed, well rested and LOVED! Are we on a ‘schedule’?? You bet! If you hate being on a schedule/routine, maybe Babywise might not be for you, however, I know that we can also veer off that schedule and my son does amazingly! 


I suggest the Babywise book to any friend that is expecting – should they politely decline, I never bring it up again, however, this hasn’t happened yet, and they’re all so happy they’ve used it! I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Babywise, can’t really understand what the controversy is?? The only thing I can come up with is that parents aren’t understanding the book and aren’t using common sense with feeding their baby.


SO, as I said, maybe Babywise isn’t for everyone…if you don’t want your baby to be well fed, sleep 12 hours through the night by 14 weeks (give or take), have wonderful naps, be able to self-soothe should they wake mid-nap/night (this doesn’t HAVE to be accomplished using cry it out…), receive constant praise and compliments as to how HAPPY your baby is, then….yeah….maybe Babywise isn’t for you….


Kristin D

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