October Date Accountability

Here is our summary and accountability report of our parent/child dates for the month of October. This month, I had Brayden and McKenna and Nate had Kaitlyn and Brinley. Nate also had a make-up date with McKenna since they missed their date in September.


I will say that having spent a week of the month on a family vacation really made working in the dates more of a squeeze. I think if you have a big trip, you can definitely just count that as the dates for the month if you feel like that needs to happen to keep life less crazy.


Brayden (age 10)

Brayden and I went out and purchased his new swim gear that he needs for the new season. We then followed that up with a trip to our favorite ice cream place, Coldstone. We seriously both really love that place. We love it enough to go when it is cold.


We weren’t sharing that–it was all his. No, he didn’t finish it all. He took half home and had it a different day.
On the other hand, I had one just as big and ate it all that night! 



Kaitlyn (age 8)

Nate took Kaitlyn bowling. After their game was over, they wandered over to the arcade games and played some games. 



McKenna (age 6)

McKenna had her make-up date with Nate. She thought all of the bowling her siblings did looked fun, so Nate once again went bowling and then played arcade games. I think that can be a tricky thing about dates–your children will often want to do what you did with a sibling. I really got tired of miniature golf this summer…but while you have done it multiple times, they have done it zero times. 



I had McKenna this month and we didn’t go. I was ready to take her to a movie, but she had gone on a date with Nate a couple of days before. It was a Saturday and she was in a mood to stay home. This is her first year in full day school and she is at times just needing some home time. I have her in November and she had just done a date with Nate, so she told me she didn’t need another date this month. I am not sure if we will make this up or not. We have tickets to the ballet for November, which is not cheap, so I can feel justified a bit, but the perfectionist in me just might implode if we don’t at least go out for an ice cream cone or something.


Brinley (age 3)

Brinley was with Nate this month. If you have been following our dates through the year, you will have seen that everyone one of their dates has been to the duck pond. She loves this. This month, they went out on a limb and went for ice cream instead. She definitely enjoyed this–she loves ice cream. 


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  1. These dates are so great. I laughed when reading how you ate all your ice cream. Good on you for treating yourself. I bet your son loved you eating it all too! My kids think it's great when I join them for a treat. Probably cos im always harping on about healthy eating. They watch me and think its amazing! Ha Ha.I have just started doing dates with my two children. We love it!Thanks for sharing.Jerusha


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