Onion Slicer {Friday Finds}

Kitchen space is limited. I get it. There is a do-dad and special kitchen gadget for just about every fruit, vegetable, and cracker out there. When I walk around a kitchen specialty store, I have to stifle my laughs while simultaneously wondering if much of it ever gets purchased by real people.


With that said, some of those weird specialty products prove themselves to be well worth the space they take up in your kitchen. And I have a fantastic one today. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. 


I first saw this Orblue Onion Slicer on a sponsored ad on Facebook. I have already expressed how I feel about having a special kitchen gadget for everything, so I watched the video more with the intention to laugh at it and shake my head at people. I have a knife. I have a cutting board. I have hands. That has always been enough to cut onions.


But it looked pretty awesome. 


It stayed on my mind for a couple of days, so I finally looked it up on Amazon. At $12 dollars, I decided I could risk it to see if it was worth it. Plus I can often talk myself into trying certain things out in order to be able to report awesome things to you all.


It looked awesome.


It turned out it was and is awesome.


And it is worth $12 FOR SURE. 


If you find yourself often chopping onions, this is a gadget you will love. If you don’t chop onions, I wouldn’t really go for it. Maybe for a tomato (though I honestly have never used it for a tomato). I tried it once on a cucumber and decided it just slowed me down.


For the onion, however, it is worth it. It makes the process faster for me. Above all, the size of the onion pieces once chopped are very uniform. This is especially handy any time I am using the onions raw (like in a pico de gallo or in a summer salad). 




This would make a great stocking stuffer for you. Just sayin’. 



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