Poll Results: Time Allocation for Activities Each Day


 I wanted to talk about how your child’s time is allocated through the day. This can help people get an idea of what trends are for these activities. You can see the original poll here.

What age is your child?
1: 1

2: 2

3: 1

6: 2

8: 1

9: 1

10: 1

About how many hours a day is your child asleep?

9-10 Hours: 2

11-12 Hours: 3

13-14 Hours: 4

About how many hours a day is your child doing structured playtime? Structured playtime is things like independent play, blanket time, learning time, SSR, etc….even sibling play can be structured. This is when you choose the location, time, duration, and activity.

Less than 1 Hour: 3

2 Hours: 5

3 Hours: 1

About how many hours a day is your child doing free playtime? Free play is when your child chooses the activity done. You likely still choose the time slot in the day, but the things done during this time are chosen by you.

1 Hour: 2

2 Hours: 2

4 Hours: 1

5 Hours: 3

6 Hours: 1


About how many hours is your child doing other activities (this is just 24 minus the total of 2-4. These activities will include things like getting ready for the day and meals).

12 Hours: 1

11 Hours: 1

9 Hours: 1

6 Hours: 1

4 Hours: 1

5 Hours: 3

2 Hours: 1

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