Potty Training: Days 2 and 3


For anyone just reading this, I am doing a casual approach to potty training with my 2.5 year old boy. I would LOVE to do progressive–in and out in four days–but with the 9 month old, it isn’t feasible.

Things have been getting better.

Day 2
I decided I needed to go sans underwear (for him, not me) to get him accustomed to the potty. He has a hard time letting go without a diaper on. I can’t blame him. He has always been a lot like me when it comes to this sort of thing. I have had friends who taught English in The People’s Republic of China. While there, they had to use the bathroom squatting over holes in the ground. I think if I had to do that, it would take me time to get used to it. Some things take getting used to.

Things went well. He held it and held it, while trying every so often, and finally said, “I’ll be right back, you stay here.” 30 seconds later, “Mama! Come here!” I walked in and he said, “I spilled!” He had sat down but was pointing up–some was in the potty but most on the floor. I told him why that happened, but was so glad he peed not in a diaper!

He had one accident all day, but only went on the potty that once. Improvement. His accident was with training pants on. I was so exhausted! It was a lot of work and very tiring. We didn’t do independent play because I figured an accident would happen there. I need to do no solo playtime while we are in this process.

Day 3
Huge improvement! Again, he struggled with needing to go. We sat on the potty every 30 minutes. Finally, he pooped! He ran to the potty, sat down, and did it. Afterward, he said, “Oh Mama!” and gave me a big hug. The expression on his face was that of exhaustion. It made me realize how tiring this must be for him. He is trying to do something, he has no idea how, and it isn’t something that can really be described. He told me what a big boy he was. He also said, “You are very proud of me, huh Mama.” I of course was. He then said, “I am proud of you too Mama!”

Later, while I was nursing Kaitlyn, he finally peed. He later made it to his nap and through his nap with no accidents. He woke dry.

In the evening, more potty use. Later tonight, he did have an accident. He pooped in his underwear. This caught all of us off guard because for the last two years he has pooped one time a day in the 10 o’clock AM hour 99.9% of the time. You have to always be watching!

All in all, I am very pleased. He is moving along faster than I expected.

Also, I am aware that keeping underwear off of him takes away the whole “are you clean and dry” questions. My intention of no underwear is just to get him accustomed to using the potty and get the knowledge of how to do it and what to do. We are moving forward!

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  • brisnicki said…
    Hiya You might want to check out ‘infant potty training’ (also known as ‘elimination communication’) with your 9 month old. Actually, might not be necessary as younger ones often learn potty faster coz they like to keep up with their older siblings. It’s not really about potty training your bub, more about you learning your baby’s elimination cues/times and then holding them over a potty when you think they need to go. This gets them used to pottys and over time they start communicating more clearer when they need to go (some with sign language before talking) and even start holding until they are over their potty. Really interesting stuff…I am in the early stages of the technique. My baby is just 11 weeks. But I am already learning her timings, like pee right after wake up and usually twice in 15 minute cycles after a feed (she’s usually in bed after that – love Babywise 🙂 Poo’s I pick up from little dribbles in wet nappies, a signal that the big one is coming 🙂 All the best- Mal
    January 18, 2008 4:06 AM

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