Potty Training: Days 6-9

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Day 6
Day 6 was about the same as Day 5–no accidents and went on the potty, but did wake up from his nap wet. Daddy was in charge most of the day as I had a women’s conference and some shopping to do :).

Day 7
This was an interesting day. Brayden woke up dry in the morning! Wow! I knew this was not something that would happen consistently, but was amazed that it happened at all. We have church at 9 for three hours. He hadn’t used the potty by the time we needed to leave for church, so we made the decision to put him in a diaper. We don’t plan to do this every week, and hope to never need to do it again. But we thought it was the best decision, knowing he would be in the nursery for 2 hours and also knowing his potty ways (waiting until he is about to burst before finally sitting down and going–he was still getting comfortable with it). So he came home from church with a wet diaper, but woke from his nap dry. No accidents all day.

Day 8
Monday–I decided to put him back in underwear instead of going commando. It worked great! He had no accidents, stayed dry for his nap, and got to get his treats for being clean and dry. A funny thing that day, he informed me that it was okay to pee in his diaper, but not okay in his underwear. I guess he is getting it.

Day 9
The spiral. We started out with a pooping accident right after breakfast. I was discouraged but tried to not show it because Brayden is a huge perfectionist. He was obviously very upset with himself. I tried to take that as a good sign of progress. He hadn’t been bothered by an accident before. He never used the potty ALL DAY. And he woke up from his nap dry. He just held it. Yes, he drank as usual. I wonder if he was upset by the accident?

Today is day 10, and it is too soon to summarize, but he has used the potty several times with no accidents and has been in his underwear. This are still improving.

Reader Advice:

  • Krystal said…
    My son went #1 pretty quickly, but pooping in his underwear was a BIG problem. Finally he got a special treat for pooping in the toilet, he got to put a sticker on a chart, and he got to call his daddy at work whenever he pooped in the potty. It worked really well! So if you find that that is a problem your son has, you might try some of those things.
    January 23, 2008 11:44 AM
    Plowmanators said…
    Thanks for the advice–we do already do those things 🙂 I always knew pooping would be his hardest thing because he doesn’t do it if people are around.Pottywise says to train one thing at a time (peeing and pooping) because they require different muscle control. So my focus is on peeing right now, but the poop seems to be just coming along as a bonus. They also suggest doing poop first, but since I know it will be a problem for him, I am doing the pee first. I appreciate your insight!
    January 24, 2008 10:25 AM

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