McKenna Preschooler Summary: 3 years and 1 month

A full summary of life for this 3 year old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 3-year-old preschooler sample schedule to follow.

3 year old McKenna


All is well.


Something interesting that has come out recently is if Kaitlyn or Brayden are home, McKenna now will basically refuse to play alone. She will do independent play, but she won’t happily play something alone–even something like play in the sandbox.

She wants a person with her. If they aren’t home, she will do things like that, but if they are home, she really wants them with her.


Last time, I wrote about how McKenna was starting to wake earlier so she could spend time with Daddy before work. She would wake and cry.

We told her she wasn’t allowed to cry. She needed to wait and we would get her when it was time. We watched the video monitor very closely (I still find that thing super valuable even at three) and would go get her and praise her for not crying.

She quickly caught on, stopped crying, and even started sleeping more to her normal personal wake up time. If she woke after Daddy left, we called him and did face time, which is as gratifying to her as seeing him.


McKenna is still taking private swimming lessons once a week. She is getting much better at learning the skills. She will do bobs, blow bubbles, and float on her back.

She is now working on tummy float, which makes her more nervous. She tries faithfully, though. She is obviously nervous, but tries. She loves when she gets to just play for fun. She will splash and do all of the stuff without issue when it is just for fun, but she is very nervous when it is lesson time. She usually loosens up some after a few minutes.

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Touching a…sting ray? Manta ray? I can’t remember–at the aquarium


It is pretty typical for a three year old, especially a female three year old, to be super emotional once she turns three. Happily, we have so far avoided this turn in personality. She has had a couple of moments where she feigned being emotional. I called her on the faking and she stopped.

I don’t know if we will avoid it altogether, but I do know that I have had at least one month off, and I will take whatever I can get.

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McKenna is a complete jokester. She is very much the personality described by Kevin Leman in the birth order books–the youngest. I wonder how she will feel when she is not the youngest anymore.

She will do anything for a laugh. She has a great sense for what is funny and she pulls it off well. She keeps all of us laughing with her antics. She is the life of whatever event she is involved in and pretty much always content and happy. 


I am putting her schedule for what this month was, not what it is while I write this:
8:00–Wake up and eat breakfast
9:15–Get ready
10:00–Learning Poster and read stories with Mommy
10:30–Independent Play
11:30–TV time possibly
12:30–Learning activity and free play with sibling
4:00 or 4:30–Get up–or free play. 
6:00–Family Activities
7:30–Get ready for bed



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2 thoughts on “McKenna Preschooler Summary: 3 years and 1 month”

  1. My daughter is 2 yrs and 6 mos and I've noticed she doesn't always sleep for her naps anymore. I still leave her in her room but I see her on the monitor (love the monitor) and she's up talking, moving and singing (all in her bed). But I want her to sleep. Isn't she too young to not have a nap? I dont want to take it away, because I love the nap for my sanity and because I have another LO 7 mos. should I change her schedule to a later nap? I already changed it twice from 12 to 12:30 now to 1pm. she wakes at 7am and sleeps 7:30/8pmThank you

  2. My daughter is the same age as yours and we have the same morning wake and bed time. Her nap is 1:30-4:00 pm. Sometimes she doesn't get down until 2 pm and bed time is still ok. When my four year old was this age, we sometimes went 5 or 6 days when she didn't fall asleep, but always eventually slept again and did for another year. Keep with it, even if she doesn't sleep! You need the break and she's having a great time. (And I stil consider the playing in bed situation to be rest because there isn't outside stimulation.)


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