Quotable Mondays: Gratitude

Gratitude has what I have into enough. This mindset will help you to have a strong perspective that is optimistic and happy.

Gratitude turns what I have into enough quote

Tis the season. I know Thanksgiving was last week, but we are still in the neighborhood of Thanksgiving so I wanted to get this out there. Today’s quote:

“Gratitude turns what I have into enough.”

I love thoughts on gratitude. I think this quote is so true. I have written a post titled It’s All About Perspective. It is! How life is for you is largely based on your own perspective of life. Perspective is important, and gratitude helps make that perspective a positive one.

If you are grateful for all you have rather than wishing away what is before you, then your perspective on life is great! You have optimism. You are thankful for the good things in your life.

I really think that there will be very few, if any, moments in life where everything is perfect.

Where you could literally not want or need anything more than you have.

Where every child is sleeping perfectly, obeying perfectly, and is perfectly happy.

Where you want and need no material possessions.

Where every relationship you have is in perfect harmony.

Where you have the right balance of things to do to keep life interesting; not too few so that you are bored or too many so you are overwhelmed.

Your income is just right. The elected official you wanted is in office.

It would just take a lot for everything to line up just so. And so, to be satisfied, happy, and content with life, we need to have the proper perspective on life. We need to have gratitude for what we do have. When we do, what we have is enough. No, things aren’t the portrait of perfection, but they are certainly good enough. 

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