Moral Training

These posts will guide you through teaching morals to your children. Build your child’s character by instilling strong morals. Learn about teaching about apologies, forgiveness, virtues, gratitude, and speaking with kindess. Find information on teaching about modesty and learning to have respect for others and their property.  Teach about how to have personal responsibility and more!

How to Create a Prayer Journal For Kids

Clever ideas for how to create a simple and effective prayer journal for your little ones. What to include along with pictures of samples. by Julia Bowen Ugh! I just… View Post

How to Teach Your Child to Love Others

How to Teach Your Child to Love Others. Five things you can do to teach your child to have love for others and show that love. I am not one… View Post

How I Learned The Value of Forgiveness

  Although it can be confusing at times that the date of Easter shifts around so much from year to year, something I love about that fact is that it… View Post

Why We Require Apologies Even for Accidents

No one enjoys admitting they messed up. No one wants to say, “Hey! I was wrong! I blundered there!” Admitting a mistake is a hard thing. Not even children really… View Post

Why Bother to Forgive Others?

Forgiving others is not easy. Sometimes we just like to nurture that anger. It is a precious thing in our lives and we don’t want to give it up. Other… View Post

Preventing Jealousy

The green-eyed monster. Jealousy. There is a reason “monster” is in the cute little phrase used to describe that ugly feeling. That is what you become when you feel jealous.… View Post

Why Teach Virtue?

  Virtue almost seems a little antiquated. Maybe a lot antiquated. I mean, some of you might not really know how to define virtue. And if you can’t even define… View Post