Brayden Child Summary: 7.5 years old

7.5 year old life and daily schedule. Learn about this child’s daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with seven year olds.

7.5 year old Brayden standing on top of a straw bale stack

This is a summary for Brayden who is now 7.5 years old.


Eating is great. Brayden can out eat me quite easily and often rivals my husband–who is no light weight eater. I just can’t imagine what it will be like when he is a teenager…

I have a friend with a few teenage boys and she was telling me the other day she was so excited to get her youngest out of diapers and then her boys all went into growth spurt mode and the money she was saving on diapers didn’t quite meet the grocery bill increase. 


Sleep is continuing on as usual. He goes to bed around 8-8:30 PM and gets up at 7:00 AM. He does a rest time on Sundays. We put the whole house in rest time on Sunday at the same time 🙂


Brayden is in second grade. He is loving it. He does well.


Brayden is very helpful around the house. He has always been a hard worker. He cleans most of the guest bathroom on his own (I don’t have him do toilets yet). I love having that help–one less bathroom to clean.

He will also take initiative and sort all of the laundry and load up the washer. He loves to help. 

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He is good with his sisters. He loves Brinley and is enjoying her being more interactive now.

Brayden also has a lot of energy and can be very silly. If he isn’t home, things are calm. The girls will sit and play very quietly with dolls.

If he is home, however, there is a lot of loud laughing and energy being expended. I think I remember someone telling me years ago that boys around this age are just silly.

It can become out of hand at times. He told me, “I just am having so much fun I forget!” (forgets about appropriate inside vs. outside voices). This is the main thing we are working on, and it is a balance for all of us.

We of course want him to have fun and enjoy himself, but there is a point it gets too loud and crazy for inside.

Brayden is able to help with things we need that can just make life easier with the four kids. At bedtime, we like to do as recommended by Jim Trelease in the Read Aloud Handbook and read to each child individually.

Well, I am often getting Brinley ready for bed and my husband is just one person, so he will read to either Kaitlyn or McKenna and Brayden will read to the other. Then the next time they will flip which person they read to. Then either my husband or I read to Bradyen.


During this period, Brayden did piano lessons and swimming lessons on a regular basis. He really enjoys both. 


Brayden really got into the Magic Treehouse series. That is great and all, but he was getting to where that was all he was reading and he felt intimidated by reading other books.

Series books are great on one hand because they can keep a person reading, but on the other hand, they don’t challenge a person much because we get used to the writing style of the author and very familiar with the characters. 

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So I have been working on expanding his horizons. Brayden is a perfectionist and will often avoid trying something unless he is sure he can excel at it.

He has been overcoming this over the last few months. About 4 months ago or so I suggested he read the first Harry Potter book on his own.

He was hesitant and thought it would be too hard for him. I knew it wouldn’t be, but I let it go.

We recently read the first book to Kaitlyn, and he was so into it that he would take it in the morning and read the next chapter to her. If she was done with reading, he would read it to himself.

So he has gotten over that hurdle. He is starting to expand his horizons beyond the Magic Treehouse.


Brayden weekday schedule is:
7 AM–get up. Eat breakfast. Get ready for school. Play until time to go to school.
Goes to school.
Comes home from school.
Homework then practice piano.
Playtime until dinner.
5:30 PM–Dinner. Then time with family.
7:00 Chores and start getting ready for bed.
8-8:30–in bed (why does it take so long? We spend a lot of time reading before bedtime. We read scriptures then read chapter books).

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3 thoughts on “Brayden Child Summary: 7.5 years old”

  1. That is so neat that he reads to McKenna or Kaitlyn! Since you mentioned his silliness and I find at the end of the days mine get sillier/hyperish as they are just tired/etc…… it works out well then? I think my oldest would actually probably be good in this role (when she's at that level obviously, just learning to read) but i am not sure the 2nd wouldn't get wound up by her older sister there,etc. I mean i didn't bathe them together til DD2 was 2 as it just overstimulated her too much! So i guess i wouldn't have thought about this option but it seems nice sibling time as they are away from each other so much because of school. I notice they don't have much sibling time anymore:( By the time the oldest is home from school, we go through her school folder and i have a few 1 on 1 with her, then get dinner going, bath, books,etc it isn't much time left! i want them to still have a close bond and it's different then when they used to play together most of the day.

  2. Nice to see what my life could be like down the road. My oldest of 3 just turned 4. Your blog is just the peak into someone else's life that I long for. I hope I can be as present and purposeful as you are someday… Thanks!-Jessica

  3. one thought i kept pondering is he can read Harry Potter at 7.5? That's impressive! I am not yet experienced with this age as DD1 is not yet 6 and is in kinder and knows a lot of sight words and other words but no means reading. I guess once they start to read it must progress pretty quickly? That's cool


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