Reader Favorites: Baby Toys

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Okay, let’s have them! What are your favorite toys for 0-12 month olds? (This post contains affiliate links).

Jax said…

My son’s all time favorite toy has been the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. He really started to enjoy it at about 5 months and now at 16 months still loves it. The instruments on each side go on and off each time you touch them. It is almost like conducting your own orchestra. My baby loves to dance to it.

He also loves his Spinning Helicopter (from Target). He loves the music, and all of the fun buttons and balls. (9 months+)

Anna said…

My son’s favorite toys from 6 months on were the Fisher Price Little Superstar sing-a-long stage, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning home, and the music table.He loved all of these toys starting at about 6 months (when he could sit/crawl) He still plays with each one at 17 months!

Andrea said…

For 5-8 months, my girls LOVED the Jumperoo by Fisher Price!
For all ages, the Fisher Price piano! My 2 year old still plays with it and my 5 month old pulls up to see the keys light up.
I like the suction cup toys for tables when we go to restaurants, or to occupy my 5 month old in her high chair or Bumbo.
That brings me to my next favorite, the Bumbo! Get the tray, too.
I could go on, but these are my must-have toys!

Jill said…

Leap Frogs – Learn & Groove Musical Table
Ages 6-36 Months

Both of my children loved it!!

Becca said…

Ditto on the Learn & Groove Music Table; a huge hit

jrjones5876 said…

A mirror – nuf said.

Kristy Powers said…

A couple of mine are repeats: baby-safe mirror, Leap Frog Musical Table, and a water table for the backyard. They’ve been wonderful. Oh, and large wooden cars and trucks and books with photos of animals. And a homemade one that was great for both boys: cut out pictures (especially of babies) from a magazine, laminate them, and keep them in a container for baby to look at, play with, and (of course) chew on.

Natalia Jean Sansosti said…

Ditto on the Learn & Groove Musical Table, although I think it will see it’s maximum potential when DD is standing – hard to reach everything while sitting.

Also love stacking cups (good practice in pretending to drink and knocking over towers), FP rocking ring stacker, and FP shape sorter (the old school one, not the Peek-a-Blocks one). At 6 mo, DD is not yet stacking or sorting, but we build vocab by labelling colors and prompting her to “put in/on” “take out/off.” šŸ™‚

Julie Meyers said…

My daughter (10 months) loves the LeapFrog Alphabet PalĀ®. She loves the songs and all the buttons. Her favorite feature is the string — you pull it and it plays the alphabet song. šŸ™‚

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