Reader Favorites: Preschooler Toys

For this post, share  your favorite toys for the three and four year olds.

Please share the name of the toy and a brief reason why you/your child likes it. Please also include the age your child liked it since there is a large range here. You can also add a link to be sure I will be able to identify the correct toy when I move it to the main body of this post. Thanks so much! (This post contains affiliate links).

Aarmel said…

We really love the Tag Junior. My little guy is 3 and he uses it all the time. I love how it keeps him occupied and teaches letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc depending on the books you buy.

sanud002 said…

My kids have been really like the Rokenbok preschool blocks. They are highly durable and are easy to fit together. I have also gotten them the Rokenbok RC Dump Truck and a basic Rokenbok starter set. They love RC toys and these toys are some of the highest quality I’ve ever seen. I love playing with them as well! I found these toys very useful in allowing our family to spend more time together!

MonstorB said…
My 3 year old daughter loves her Y’all Ball. This giant bouncy ball gets the whole family outside and running around. The neighbor’s 4 year old girl loves to come over and chase this behemoth around the yard too; even the adults love to play with it with or without the children in toe, ha! 

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