Reasons Babywise Worked for our Family

Babywise worked great for us with both of our kids!

And none of the typical anti-Babywise myths were true.

1. My son was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old, and our daughter was sleeping through the night by 6 months. All with no crying it out.

2. I exclusively breastfed both babies and I had no supply issues. Unless you count oversupply an ‘issue’. With my first baby I was able to donate over 100 ounces that I pumped and never used. That was in addition to him getting 90% of his breastmilk ‘straight from the tap’.

3. Neither of my babies suffered from Failure to Thrive. My first baby was always over 50% for height and weight. He was usually right around 75%. My daughter is much smaller but she is very healthy and thriving. She is meeting all her developments right on target.

My favorite things about Babywise are:

1. My kids both love their beds. I love my bed and sleeping so it’s important to me that my kids feel the same. I can put my 10 month old baby in her crib at naptime, or bedtime, wide awake and she goes to sleep without a peep. As a matter of fact, she woke up early from her nap today and the only way I know that is because I happened to check the monitor. Only to find her sitting in her crib talking to herself.

2. My family is able to plan outings while still making sure that my kids are well rested and taken care of. I know when my kids need to take their naps so I can plan my day around that.

3. “Start as you mean to go on” is also important to me and I don’t want to have my kids learn that they fall asleep only in my arms or laying next to me only to change it up on them some day and confuse and upset them. I will hold and cuddle my kids at bedtime for sure but they don’t need it to go to sleep. It’s just an extra bonus when it happens.

4. Going from no babies to 1 was a very easy transition for me and my family. I had a good routine established and we had a good sleep and eating routine also. Going from 1 to 2 kids was easy as well. The new baby got into a good routine fairly quickly so I could plan on spending some good time alone with my son while she napped. It was great!

5. I have met some great women through Babywise! Most of them are online but I still refer to them as my ‘friends’.

I can’t say enough good things about Babywise. 


Christine – mother of two

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