Reflux Index


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2 thoughts on “Reflux Index”

  1. Hi val!! Thank you so much for your blog. Been reading from it for 4 years!! My two boys were perfect on babywise and followed it very easily. My baby girl is 4 months old and we've been on a bumpy road. At 6 weeks she slept 8 hours and at 9 weeks she slept 11. Then nursing problems kicked in, followed by a minor surgery for her ( she was tongue tied) and then more nursing problems and then reflux. We now have her on Prevacid and she is nearly perfect during the day. She still hates eating( I pump) but she's not in pain. I think. Our problems are at night. Her last feeding is at 7-8 and then we dream feed 10-11pm. She is then up at 2 and 5 am usually. If she's up at 6 am then our day is all messed up as I try to get her back on schedule. Some days I just do a routine because it's so off. Like today. She can cry it out during naps just fine. But at night it isn't working. She eats better at night too!!! I try so hard to get more calories in her during the day but she fights it. I'm struggling. Any suggestions or encouragement?


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