Babywise with a Reflux Baby

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Babywise with a Reflux Baby. Your baby can thrive on Babywise even with reflux or GERD. Your baby can meet sleep milestones even with reflux.

Baby on a bed

It is no secret that having a reflux baby is hard. Gastroesophageal Reflux (or GERD) is when the content of your stomach flows back up into your esophagus. We often call this heartburn. It isn’t comfortable. A baby with reflux is often in pain from this. This leads to not sleeping as well and perhaps even not eating as well.

My second child, Kaitlyn, had reflux as a baby. She had silent reflux, so she wouldn’t always spit the contents out, but would often swallow it back down. A few times, she was holding it in so much it came out of her poor little nose. Be sure to read my post Babywise and Reflux for tips on using the Babywise method with your reflux baby.

Kaitlyn was naturally a great sleeper, but she did not sleep as well as I felt she could because of the reflux. It wasn’t long before I sought help on the internet for getting her to sleep better. I soon realized that in comparison to most other reflux babies out there, she was sleeping so very well. Was she sleeping as well as the average Babywise baby? No. She was, however, sleeping a million times better than the average reflux baby.

Using the Babywise method with your Babywise baby might seem frustrating at times. Your baby won’t be at the same milestones as other Babywise babies. When you step back and look at the big picture, however, you soon realize your baby is doing so much better than she could be.

Many times, reflux babies have a hard time growing. My reflux baby was actually my rolliest little baby of all four of my children. She did so well and really thrived. I had a reader suggest I create a Babywise reflux baby photo gallery. I thought that was such a fun idea! Here are some photos of Babywise reflux babies. You will see photos of babies on through children.

I will start with my reflux baby. Here is one of my favorite photos with her as a newborn and then one of her now.

Tips for making Babywise and reflux work together. You can still enjoy the benefits of Babywise with a reflux baby and get great sleep.

Today, Kaitlyn is a great sleeper. She still likes to sleep propped up. She uses a lot of pillows. She is probably my most solid sleeper who consistently just goes to sleep when she should and dislikes rolling out of bed in the morning. She has grown well. She has certain foods she does not like; they upset her tummy. She prefers bland foods all around and avoids anything acidic.

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Baby lying in crib

My four month old BW reflux baby who sleeps perfectly during the day but terribly at night! 😩😴 His cuteness makes up for it 😍😂


7 year old boy

My babywise reflux baby will be 7 in a few months. Just as sweet, fierce, and opinionated now as he was as a baby lol. STTN at 13 weeks once we got his Prilosec dosage regulated so he could eat without pain, he slept like a champ.


11 month old

my 11 months baby boy who will be one year in two weeks, and still doesn’t sleep through the night and a terrible napper 🙁 😫😩


7 month old baby sitting in high chair

My BW reflux baby is 7mo and thriving! Once we got a combo of the right meds and formula, she started doing great at night but naps are a work in progress still. My first also had reflux and is now 4 years old!


7 year old girl with her mother

Aubrey is my little one with the most feeding issues. Some reflux but in the end her main issues were due to dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, and once corrected there were also no reflux symptoms anymore. She is 7 now.


8 year old boy

Aubrey is my little one with the most feeding issues. Some reflux but in the end her main issues were due to dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, and once corrected there were also no reflux symptoms anymore. She is 7 now.


6 week old baby sleeping on the floor

My little Rhett, 6.5 weeks old and still struggling. 😢 Will probably change meds soon. Naps are horrible me but sleeps decent at night giving us one 8-hour stretch usually!


9 month old baby on a bed

Here’s my chunky reflux babywise baby. 9 months. Sleeping champ by 12 weeks, but struggling BIG while teething right now… 🥴


7 year old boy

This is Isaiah, now 7. His reflux and other conditions ended up having an underlying genetic cause. When he was little we just took one feeding at a time and enjoyed his giddy personality. He’s doing really great now and has kept that giddiness despite any struggles.


4 month old baby girl

Maggie Ann is our 4 month old reflux baby! 3 different formulas, 2 medications & an upper GI later, we are thriving!🤗


6 year old girl smiling

This is my reflux baby! She’s 6 now! She sttn at 10 weeks old and was on medication until she was 18mo. She still sleeps and sleeps 😅😴❤️


5 week old girl

Here is my 5 week old reflux baby. Once we got her on medication and Nutramigen, she’s been so much better!


18 month old

My 18 month old reflux baby who slept in a sling on a 30°incline until she could roll over. Lots of factors come into play with reflux babies but Babywise sure helps!


7 year old girl with her mom

My first refluxer is now 7 😭💔 how?!
Our journey has been crazy. Intestinal bleeding, feed aversions, apnea due to reflux, bradycardia episodes from reflux, swallowing disorders, multiple meds and lots of prayers but we all made it!


Preschooler boy with baby brother

Refluxer #2


Little girl who had reflux as a baby with her mom

My third refluxer is now 3 and so happy and healthy! I can’t post refluxer 4 till he’s adopted ❤️


Toddler girl

Baby who has reflux

This is my son, Jude, when he was five months old. By five months, I was completely exhausted and frustrated when nursing. I remember crying hearing him cry in pain and feeling like I couldn’t help. I tried reflux medication and everything the doctor could offer. He was my first child, so I didn’t have anything to go on and I didn’t know anyone else who had a reflux baby. BUT I had your blog, Babywise and the loads of information that they both offered. So for that, I am forever grateful! We got through it and he is almost 2 yrs old without reflux. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Baby who has reflux

Baby who had reflux

Babywise in no way prevented us from completing full breast feeding sessions and amazing sleep, even with heavy reflux through 17 months. This and the three below are the same child.

Baby with reflux

Toddler who had reflux

Child who had reflux as a baby


Babywise with a Reflux Baby. Your baby can thrive on Babywise even with reflux or GERD. Your baby can meet sleep milestones even with reflux.


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