Getting Children to Obey the First Time

When you give your child an instruction, you just want to hear a “yes mom.” Not a “Why?” nor a “Do I have to?” or even a silence. You don’t… View Post

Family Home Evening

I often reference our Family Home Evening, but I haven’t ever dedicated a post entirely to it. I thought it was high time!   FAMILY HOME EVENING DEFINED Simply put,… View Post

First Time Obedience–First Things First

by Maureen Monfore First-time obedience (FTO) is a phrase you commonly hear in Babywise parenting circles. But what exactly does it mean? It’s really quite simple to understand. First-time obedience means your… View Post

Teaching Child to Come When Called

I had the question a while ago of how I teach my children to come when I tell them to.   I wasn’t really sure. This isn’t something I have… View Post

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”. This is a simple solution to get first time obedience.  “Of all the practical helps we can offer,… View Post

Teaching Your Baby “No”

Teaching your baby to listen to the word “no.” Baby can understand what no means and respond appropriately. This post discusses how to accomplish this.  Many people believe a baby… View Post