First Time Obedience

Learn how to teach your child to obey the first time. These posts will help you know how to get your child to listen to you when you give an instruction.

Teach Kids What Obedience Looks Like

You cannot just expect your child to know what you mean when you give a specific instruction. Kids must first be taught before they can understand. Children are not born… View Post

How Often Can You Really Expect a Child to Obey

You might feel hopeless when your child disobeys, but did you know it is NORMAL for a child to not always listen? Read proper expectations here. Chances are when you… View Post

Train To Obey Your Voice

Why you want to train your child to obey you rather than just memorize rules of what is okay to do and what is not okay to do.  “The goal… View Post

How To Teach Your Child to Come When Called

9 tips to get your child to come to you when you call. Your little one can learn to obey and listen and come. Read this post to find out… View Post

Discipline 101: The basics of correcting children

Discipline 101: The basics of correcting children. Simple things parents can do to help their children learn to obey and behave.  I watched as the toddler was picked up and… View Post

Getting Children to Obey the First Time

When you give your child an instruction, you just want to hear a “yes mom.” Not a “Why?” nor a “Do I have to?” or even a silence. You don’t… View Post

First-Time Obedience: Balance the Good with the Bad

By Maureen Monfore,  If you follow Valerie’s blog, you are likely no stranger to the idea that establishing authority and requiring respect from our children must form the basis… View Post