Adjusting for Context Using Babywise

How to be flexible when using On Becoming Babywise. Eleven examples of a Babywise Mom adjusted for context when the situation needed. On Becoming Babywise II reminds us of the… View Post

When to start dentist check-ups

image source I think the age for when is  best to start dentist visits is one of the most varied in all of parenting advice. You have the experts saying… View Post

House-Proofing: Pick your battles

I am more of a “house-proofer” than a “child-proofer.” By that, I mean that I would generally rather teach my child to not touch something than to put bubble wrap… View Post

Orange Skin

image source My husband’s mother tells the story of when he was a baby. He liked carrots so much that she fed him all he could eat. At a well-check… View Post

Feeding Times for Solids

I really enjoy both the Babywise books and the Baby Whisperer books. However, if you are familiar with both books, you will find yourself confused at some pretty key moments… View Post

Eating Solids: A New Skill

Kaitlyn’s first taste of fruit.  “One would think that eating comes as naturally as breathing. Not so for infants. Introducing solids requires a new skill level from your baby…” (On… View Post

5 Stages of Solid Foods

  On Becoming Babywise book two (affiliate link) has a great guide to the five food stages for babies on page 25. I think you will find this very interesting and… View Post