From Tears to Triumph

Ashley Bellis (Mother to one child)   When I was expecting, a lady from church whom I greatly respect recommended I read a book that she read for motherhood. Our church… View Post

Progress is a Spiral: Illustration

I have often talked about the idea of progress is a spiral (see progress is a spiral ). This is a concept discussed in On Becoming Pottywise. I love it… View Post

Don’t Stress Mama: Good Behavior Progress is a Spiral

When working on obedience with your child, progress is a spiral. Good behavior comes in stages. Positive results from discipline happens incrementally. As you walk up a spiral stair case,… View Post

Progress is a Spiral, Again

In the beginning of January, I posted a post on the idea of progress being a spiral see Progress is a Spiral. This idea is outlined in On Becoming Pottywise.… View Post

Progress is in a Spiral

I started reading On Becoming Pottywise today (getting ready for my next big adventure in life), and found something so helpful. Progress is like a spiral. “…acquisition of new skills… View Post