Love Our Work

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t particularly enjoy doing laundry (um, yes, here and here and I am sure other places as often as I can toss that in)?… View Post

Work: More than Economic Value

Work, work, work. A lot of our efforts as a society seem to go into finding ways to reduce the work we have to do–either by eliminating it or by… View Post

Making Work Fun

This post originally appeared on the Children’s Learning Activities blog. Cleaning and other work doesn’t need to be boring in order to be an effective teaching tool for children. There… View Post

Parenting Lesson from The Biggest Loser

I know The Biggest Loser has been very popular for a long, long time, but this is my first season every watching it. I know, I am slow. That’s okay.… View Post

Work and Responsibility

Work, work, work. Does it seem like that is what you do most of the time? Yeah, I know it. Life is full of various kinds of work. Work to… View Post

How to Raise a Child Who is a “Good Helper”

How to Raise a Child Who is a “Good Helper”. Your child can help around the house and do chores if you model, encourage, and allow it.    We have… View Post