Implementing You Parenting Plan

Back in June, we talked about the steps to creating a parenting plan (and why you want to do so). This time, we will talk about implementing the plan. These… View Post

How to Create the Perfect Parenting Plan

How to Create the Perfect Parenting Plan I am not much of a spontaneous person. I like to plan things out and have a road-map. That is why when I… View Post

3 Reasons YOU Get To Be In Charge

There is definitely some trepidation in society from parents on taking the leadership role as parents. I am not really sure why that is. I don’t know what led us… View Post

Work: More than Economic Value

Work, work, work. A lot of our efforts as a society seem to go into finding ways to reduce the work we have to do–either by eliminating it or by… View Post

“I Do It Myself!”

image source   “I do it myself!” Recognize that phrase? You must have or previously had a two year old living in your home.   When Brayden hit this phase,… View Post

Purposes of Parenting

  In The Parenting Breakthrough, Boyack talks about three main purposes of parenting.   Health and Safety of Children It is our job to care for the physical well-being of… View Post

The Ever-Changing Child

“…not only am I coping with different kids, but they change every year and even minute by minute sometimes. It’s like waking up every day and finding a new computer on… View Post