So Worth It!

I’m not the most patient person in the world. I have a plan and I want the plan to work when I want it to work. God knew what I needed though and when I needed it. It took 7 years of trying to conceive until we found out we were pregnant with our little girl. Those years were heart-wretchingly painful at times. You can imagine how ecstatic I was to see those two pink lines! 


When I was about 4 months pregnant, my sister-in-law told me about Babywise. I got the book and read it like three times before my daughter was born. I was familiar with the wake, eat, play, sleep routine, but the other information was new to me. I drilled it into my brain to focus on getting full feedings the first two weeks. And then I had my baby. The rubber met the road. And all that I learned seriously felt like it went out the window, except for focusing on getting full feedings. The first two weeks were a dream and I would cry joyful tears knowing that we finally had our little one we waited so long for. But at 3 weeks she started to transition and I was still in my state of forgetfulness. Suddenly, we were allowing her to be awake for hours and then we were wondering why she was so fussy. One time we just let her fall asleep on the floor because that was the only place she would sleep. Weeks 3-5 were tough; I was constantly doubting if she was getting enough to eat, she was fighting naps, and crying more. But with all of that she slept very well at night, with some wakings for feedings, but she would go right back to sleep with no problem. Finally, my brain turned back on and I realized I needed more of a routine and structure, so I got onto the Babywise discussion forum and found the support and help I needed to get on track. Mostly I just read through other postings and maybe asked a question or two. One of the most helpful bits of information I received was what an ideal wake time would be for my baby. And I learned to look for the signs that she was ready for another nap. Once we figured out sleep cues she was so much easier to put her down to sleep. By 6 weeks we were learning so much about what it meant to put what we learned from Babywise into action, and right around that time she started sleeping longer stretches during the night. It was wonderful! But there were bumps along the way. I’m a perfectionist and I like to “go by the book”. I had a hard time relaxing and going with the flow. One night I realized that I was expecting my daughter to perform under my expectations. I wish I would have been more flexible! I remember crying because I realized I wasn’t having these high expectations of my daughter. It wasn’t easy, but I realized that no day was going to be perfect and that all I could do was my best with what I knew to do. I could have a plan, but I needed to be flexible when that plan changed. And now my daughter is almost 11 months old and she sleeps like a dream for naps and night time. I’m SO thankful!


The best thing about Babywise for me (besides my daughter sleeping through the night) has been the huge amount of support and help I have received from the Babywise community. I really don’t know where I would be without it. Through the community I have learned what being flexible looks like. I have seen other Babywise families with children of all ages and I have seen the hard work paying off. It’s SO worth it! Yes, those first few months might be crazy, but it’s all worth it. Having a schedule and routine has done wonders for our family! I wouldn’t want it any other way! Thank you, Babywise!



4 thoughts on “So Worth It!”

  1. I desperately needed to read this today! I have a 4 week old and it is TOUGH right now! I am so tempted to just throw the BW book out the window and wing it. But I too am such a by the book person, that I know I can't do that. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Help! Im a babywise lover….did it with my now 4 & 6 yr old boys. I think im doing it all the same but my 6 week old is totally fighting her naps….one right after the other…sometimes we get a good nap but its not consistant. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Ah, yes! The explaining BW to family, especially waking a sleeping baby! Both sides of our family have had plenty to say about the unconventiality of our methods, but both sides are also quick to comment on what well-behaved, good sleepers our children are. Unfortunately, they still don't see that the two are connected. *sigh*


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