Babywise Works Again and Again

I stumbled across Babywise a few months after my first son was born in 2008. Dispite some of the negative comments I saw I decided to see for myself and read the book. I understood the concept but did not full grasp the idea of Babywise until I found your blog. Within a few weeks my once “wakeful’ 2 month old was sleeping much better. Even when my mom would chastise me for “waking a sleeping baby” to keep him from over sleeping his schedule, I still felt it was going to work. My son started sleeping through the night after just a few weeks of Babywise and after a few months was easily going 12 hrs a night plus right on schedule for each nap. The best part was I knew exactly when he should be sleeping, eating or playing. I could plan my day around his schedule every day. I never fought with him for naps or bed time. Even now, at 4 years old he sleeps 10-12 hr a night and still takes a good 2-3 hr nap a day. It just works for us! So when I had Kt 2nd son in 2010 I quickly fished my babywise book out and again followed the plan. We got right back I to it and I was able to work baby #2 schedule with #1. He too is a great sleeper with no fuss at bed or maps. I just welcomed our daughter a few weeks ago into the world and yes, we are Babywising it again!! Of course I would have been lost without your blog. The book is great but your blog really ties it all together and answers my millions of questions!! So thank you for your dedication!!

Tania H

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  1. Yes, I agree… your blog helps so much! I'm a new parent and I reference your blog several times a day! Thank you 🙂

  2. Question: my 2 month old is slowly stretching her nighttime hours. Any advice on what to do when she wakes up 1 1/2 hours before her normal wake time to eat?


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