Success Even Through Difficulty

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My girl is almost 10 months old. Upon coming home from the hospital with her, we experienced some feeding challenges with her and physical issues with me. I thought then that having a baby was going to be very hard but thanks to babywise, I was wrong. I began babywise consistently when she was around 3 weeks old. She began sleeping longer and longer stretches at night and was “sleeping through the night” by 7 weeks. She has slept through the night every night since then with the exception of illness or travelling. Our days are predictable and her needs are easily met. My baby is very vocal and can really scream for what she needs. I am thankful that because of baby wise, I already know what she needs before she needs it. I believe if we hadn’t had Babywise, I would be a very tired frustrated mama, with a very frustrated baby. But instead, I experience the joy of parenting a very beautiful, expressive HAPPY baby.


 -Evie Schultz

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