Super Baby Food Cookbook {Giveaway!}

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I have talked about the book Super Baby Food on this blog several times. I love the book! The author, Ruth Yaron, has just released a Super Baby Food cookbook. Hurray! This book is full of recipes for baby on up through children. The recipes include full color photos, which I always love in a cookbook. It is also much smaller than the big purple book, which is handy for using in the kitchen and/or taking around with you when on the go.

This is kind of like the Cliff’s Notes version of the original book. If you want healthy food ideas for your baby and don’t need the massive amounts of information in that book, you can get this book and just put it into action.

Or if you are like me and love the massive amounts of information but also love photos for recipes, this is a great addition to the Super Baby Food book you already have.

In the Super Baby Food Cookbook readers will find:

  1. Nutritious, delicious and easy to follow recipes that include favorite ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, as well as recipes for smoothies, nut milks, granola, and mock ice cream—many the whole family will enjoy!
  2. A bonus of  “healthy extra” tips and how to use them in recipes, including chia seeds, wheat germ sprinkles, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and more. 
  3. Super Baby Food recipes come to life, from the simplest Avocado Smash to the infamous “Super Porridge,” to complete breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

If you want to know my thoughts on the original book, see this post: Book Review: Super Baby Food

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