Book Review: Super Baby Food

All about the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. How to get baby started off healthy and how to make healthy baby food for your baby.

Super Baby Food Book

Since starting this blog, I have often heard great things about the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. 

I just finished reading it and WOW! I love this book. Really, really love it. It is 560 pages of information, followed by another 33 pages for bibliography and an index. When I say it is information, I mean it is full of information. There is no wasted real estate in this book; each word is written to provide information.

As I was gushing over this book, my husband pointed out that not all people would find the same joy from reading it as I did. Like I said, it is full of information. It is practical and has very little, if any, fluff. That is my sort of book! Yes, of course I love my fiction books, but when I am getting a reference book like this, I want information. This reads much like a textbook would. Many (okay, most) will perhaps find that boring. Yaron has done her research. Certain parts of the book can get really technical; Yaron realizes this and tells readers to skip to page X if they don’t want to read about certain topics. But realize that you are getting every penny you spent out of this book.

The author seems very down to earth to me. She has written the book so that you don’t have to read every word to understand what she is talking about. She has it cross-referenced throughout the book. She also gives advice for various levels of making baby food–it isn’t an “all or nothing” system.

Are you wondering what is in this book? Let me give you a list:

  • Feeding Your Baby: This section includes information on which foods to introduce first at at what ages certain foods are safe. She also includes amounts of food a baby should be eating at various stages. I know that many moms worry about this. Included in this is serving sizes. She also includes amounts of liquid baby should drink each day. Information about the digestive system is also included. Yaron discusses finger foods, snacks (healthy!), teething foods, table foods, and more. She also discusses feeding your baby month by month.
  • Preparation and Storage of Food: Yaron assumes the reader knows nothing about cooking. She describes how to buy, clean, store, prepare, freeze, reheat, and feed fruits and veggies to your baby. She goes over food safety so you can safely handle foods.
  • Recipes: There is a section on recipes to make foods for your toddler and family that are very healthy and easy to prepare.
  • Fun Stuff: This section has many ideas for having fun with your toddler, from decorating foods to recipes/instructions for arts and crafts, homemade toys, and homemade gifts.
  • References and Appendices: This section has information on the nutritional values of different foods. She also has recipes for homemade cleaning products. There is also a section on Nutrition that explains how the body uses different nutrients.

I definitely think this book is worth owning. I give it my highest praises and recommendation.