Find posts to guide you through your “eat” section of your eat/wake/sleep cycle in the Babywise method. Find tips on breastfeeding, feeding solids, dropping feedings, and family mealtimes. You can also find tips on dealing with picky eating.

Reasons for Feeding Baby Sooner than 2.5 Hours

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Hunger Cues: How To Know if Baby Is Hungry

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5 Things You Really Need to Know About Bottle Feeding

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5 Things to Know About Exclusively Pumping

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4 Powerful Things To Know Before You Exclusively Pump

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A Breastfeeding Journey with Babywise

A Breastfeeding Journey with Babywise. Breastfeeding can absolutely work with Babywise. Here is one mom’s journey on how she did both.       I often hear silly myths surrounding… View Post

Overcoming the Difficulties of Feeding Healthy Snacks to Kids

How to overcome the challenges that come with feeding healthy snacks to children. Also includes a great list of healthy snack ideas children will love.   by Caitlin Rogers Finding… View Post