Brinley Preschooler Summary: 40 Months Old


This is a summary for Brinley from 39-40 Months Old.



I tend to be overly cautious with the potty training during sleep. With Brayden, we went straight to underwear for naps and night when potty training, but with my other children, I am slow to jump to that ship. I just don’t want to complicate life with an extra load of laundry each day.


But at some point, you have to give it a whirl. I decided to try Brinley out at naps with no diaper. She has never had a problem! (knock on wood). It has been so nice with getting her ready for a nap to not have to change her into a diaper. That has also led to her requesting to stay in her clothes for naps instead of changing into PJs like she always has. That has also helped immensely with the nap routine. 



Eating is good. She definitely has times when you can tell she is saying she is done eating just because she is looking forward to playing something after she is done eating. 



Playing is good with nothing new to report.



Brinley had a cold this month. She always gets a bad-sounding cough when she gets a cold. I decided to try out some children’s musinex for her. It was amazing! It helped clear her lungs out and helped her cold go away faster. I ended up buying some for adults, too, for me to try out the next time I get a cold. 



I have to tell you about a great game I have discovered. Every Sunday, we have a tradition where our family plays a game together. As you can imagine, it can be tricky finding a game that is age-appropriate for a 3 year old and yet entertaining to a 10 year old. I recently purchased a game called Story Cubes. It is really simple. You have the dice that each has a picture on it. You roll the dice and tell a story that involves each of the pictures. All of the kids loved it, even Brinley. She loved listening to our made up stories and got a big kick out of making up her own story. You can see how animated she got.




Each year, I take my girls to the Nutcracker Tea Party. The local ballet company has a tea party before their matinee performances where you can mingle with characters and get your photo taken. This was Brinley’s first year to go. She loved the tea party. I then stayed with McKenna, who loves ballets, to watch the Nutcracker. Nate took the other girls home. Brinley later told me she really wanted to see the Nutcracker ballet. Since, she has been requesting I turn the Nutcracker music on and she is dancing to it. I think I will take her to the matinee next year. I felt like she was a little young this year. 




Brinley is doing well with swimming lessons. She doesn’t love it. She will say she doesn’t want to go and she might even cry during her entire lesson. But she does everything her teacher asks her to do (even while crying) and she can float on her back and on her face. She will even kick and propel herself on her back. Again, all while whimpering. 



Here is our typical schedule:


8:45 AM–wake up/eat breakfast/scriptures

9:15 AM–get ready for day

9:30 AM–watch 30 minutes of TV (usually Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)

10:00 AM–Independent Playtime

11:15ish AM–Learning time

12:00 noon–Lunch

12:30 PM–free play

1:30/2:00ish PM–Nap

4:30/5:00 PM–Wake up and free play

5:30 PM–Dinner

6:00 PM–Family time

8:00 PM–Get ready for bed

8:30 PM–Bedtime








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