Thank You to My Husband

Nate holding Brinley in the hospital


I have mentioned throughout this pregnancy how incredibly helpful my husband was during the pregnancy. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for all he did in a public way. Surprise! (that was to my husband–he is probably a little taken by surprise right at this moment).

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Throughout this pregnancy, he helped me clean (and I use “help” loosely because despite my best efforts, I would not consider myself very helpful, so it was more like he cleaned and I feebly tried to contribute). He cooked meals. He demanded I rest and take it easy. He told me my one job was to relax. During the first trimester, he often put the children to bed alone because I crashed on the couch during scripture study. He helped me hobble along at the end when my hips were giving out on me. He did everything.

As I have come back to the land of the living, I have seen the relief come over him as I have been able to pull my share of the work around here. He commented one day, “I have my wife back.” He never complained. We knew going into the pregnancy it would take sacrifice, and we are both grateful for that sacrifice. We wouldn’t change it. We love having Brinley as part of our family. She was worth it. Despite that, I know it was a hard nine months for him and I want him to know that I love him for it and thank him for it. You lived up to your reputation of being one of the top five best husbands ever in the history of the world for a pregnant woman. Thank you 🙂

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