McKenna Toddler Summary: 28 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 28 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 28 month old sample schedule to follow.

McKenna looking out into the lake

This is a summary for McKenna age 27-28 months old.


Are you ever going to get sick of hearing it? Eating is going well. She eats really well and eats a lot.

I can tell she is starting to get more cautious about new foods. She doesn’t just automatically shove things in her mouth, which I view as a good thing. Sometimes she would try to eat things that weren’t food. Now she at least pauses long enough for me to tell her if it is okay to try or not.

McKenna now likes mustard again. 

She is getting even better about the prayer. As long as she isn’t too hungry, she can have her food in front of her and not touch it until the Amen.


Playtime is great. She is loving all of the fun times with her siblings. It will be sad when school starts because Brayden will be in school full day and Kaitlyn will be in preschool for a half day some days. 

She does her independent play well. She loves learning activity time. I have to say learning activities seem so much more enriching for her when she does them with her siblings. She watches closely and learns from them.


Sleep is pretty normal. Sleep length is good. The last week she has really been fighting me when it is time for nap.

She has always been so pleasant for nap time. She would happily walk to her bed. But the last week I often find myself carrying a screaming McKenna to bed. Once she is in bed, she relaxes and goes right to sleep.

She doesn’t want to stop her fun to sleep. This is totally understandable, but of course I will work to get her to go to bed more happily.

One thing I need to do for this is to make sure she is in bed on time. During summer fun, she has been sometimes going down 30-60 minutes late.

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Her language skills continue to explode. The better a toddler speaks, the fewer tantrums there are because the toddler can express what she wants to. It is very frustrating for a toddler to not be able to say what she wants to or to be misunderstood by people when she talks.

I love language explosions. Plus, they start saying all of those funny things toddlers say because they are just starting to express language.


Toward the beginning of this month, I noticed McKenna’s first 2-year molar coming in. I was so excited to see it because she had been so pleasant. No wailing and moaning and crying (like another daughter I have). I was dreading these 2-year molars (to be fair to Kaitlyn, she got all four at the exact same time. She was in a lot of pain). 

I went so far as to express to my friends how happy I was that molars were coming in without complaint from McKenna!

Literally the next day, she started the whining. It wasn’t as bad as Kaitlyn’s, but it was here. It was short-lived, however. She had a week of chewing on anything she could stick back there to relieve pressure and extreme clinginess to parents. That molar seems to have moved past the point of pain. Just three more left.


This month has been a lot more of a disruption to McKenna than the last one. We have had several missed naps and even more late nights. I can see it taking its toll, especially on behavior. The behavior is also impacted by teething–for some reason a teething child often doesn’t have ability to hear instruction from mom ;). 

There is just one more month of summer left. I am planning to work harder at making naps on time and bed time on time, but I am also recognizing it is summer time. So long as I let her get back to normal, it is totally fine to have some flexibility. 


We have actually stuck to our summer schedule for cool weather. 
8:00–Wake up and eat breakfast
8:30–Music time/learning time review
9:00–Get ready
10:00–Walk or bike ride
10:30–Independent Play
11:30–Learning Activity
12:30–Outside play
4:00 or 4:30–Get up–or free play. I have cut TV out completely this month.
6:00–Family Activities
7:30–Get ready for bed

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6 thoughts on “McKenna Toddler Summary: 28 Months Old”

  1. I love reading your toddler summaries. It really helps me get an idea of what my daughter can be doing around the same age. I shared on another post that we are in the midst of moving back to the States from overseas. We are now in North Carolina but staying with relatives while we wait to move into our house. We had been staying with family (2 different places) in Vermont for 2 months before this. So since May we have lived in 3 different places with lots of different people. All that to say, our schedule has been very out of whack. But I've noticed my 22 m/o is very fussy and clingy to me in the mornings. Sometimes I can't tell if it's boredom, lack of routine, or because she's tired. She is usually up at 7 and naps 1ish for 2-3 hours. She goes to bed at 8, though we've had late nights and often late naps most of the summer. Now I am working on getting her back to being consistent. Anyway, she dropped a morning nap at 18 mos, but now I'm beginning to wonder if she needs one again? Because of living with family and our inconsistent daily routine – going out a lot, etc, she hasn't been doing alone time since we moved. Should I just add that back in, or do you think I should try a nap? Or is the fussiness and clinginess just part of the lack of a morning schedule?

  2. I can't believe you have a month of summer left! Here in GA some schools started back this week and the rest almost all start next week. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer time!

  3. just wanted to say that my morning nap problem has corrected itself – as we've gotten into a little more of a routine and taught her to sleep longer in the morning. No morning nap needed 🙂

  4. Glad to hear it worked out Leigh! I didn't get notified of your first comment so I am glad you got it worked out!Mollyanne, that is crazy! I wonder if you get out much earlier than we do.

  5. My 22 month old daughter has the same sleeping schedule: WT @ 8am, nap 1:30-4:30, BT @8pm. For nap, she falls asleep within minutes and sleeps the 3 hours. But bedtime is a huge hassle. She apparently just isn't tired at 8 and is awake anywhere between 1-2 hrs before falling asleep. During that time we monitor and correct her if she's not quiet or gets out of bed or something, but I really hate this hour+ time. Problem is, I don't want to shorten her nap time, make bedtime later, or get her up earlier! What would you do if you were in my shoes??

  6. BWinOR,I would just put her in bed and so long as she stays in her bed, I would just put her in bed and let her be. I have a post titled "two year old sleep issues" that should give you some insight on this.


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