Posts to help you parent your toddler. Learn about how to drop naps, how to enforce naps, and how to handle sleep regressions. Get tips for potty training and disciplining your child. The toddler years can he so much fun!

2 Year Old Sleep Problems – How To Solve Them!

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Valuable Discipline Tips for Toddlers

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How to Handle an Aggressive Toddler

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10 Truths About Parenting a Toddler

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Overstimulation for Toddlers

Overstimulation for Toddlers. Causes of ovestimulation, what overstimulation looks like, and how to calm an overstimulated toddler. Avoid sensory overload. It isn’t only babies who can get overstimulated (see How… View Post

How To Fill Toddler’s Time When Transitioning to One Nap

How To Fill Toddler’s Time When Transitioning to One Nap. What to do with the schedule when you are at one nap a day. Activities to do with your toddler.… View Post

When Do Children Stop Napping and What To Do Instead

When Do Children Stop Napping and What To Do Instead. No nap does not mean no break. This is when you add rest time. Earlier this week, I discussed at… View Post