McKenna Toddler Summary: 27 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 27 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 27 month old sample schedule to follow.

27 month old McKenna

This is a summary of McKenna from 26-27 months old–so just over two years old.

What a fun month! Following the rough 26th month, I am so glad to say month 27 was very fun. 


McKenna still eats a lot and still eats pretty much anything and everything. She seems to have decided she doesn’t love mustard and will sometimes not eat much of something if it has mustard on it. 

She has a funny quirk with eating, though. She will not eat unless someone else is sitting and eating with her. Even for breakfast–she waits until I am sitting with her and I start eating before she starts. How polite of her! Ha! I don’t think she is practicing her manners. I have no idea why, but it is what she does.

She is really good for waiting for the prayer most of the time before she starts to eat. We used to have to leave her food away from her until the prayer was said, but she will usually wait now–though not always.


Playtime is great. She is having a great time with her siblings. She loves to play and play hard, which leads me to…


This is McKenna. The life of the party. If I were to tell you about McKenna, I would have to tell you about how much fun she is. McKenna always has fun, no matter where she is or what she is doing. It is a great quality. She is always happy and always entertaining herself. Some children in the same situation would whine, some would cry, some would sit bored…

McKenna will be finding a way to have fun–and not in a mischievous way (most of the time). She is able to sit and fully entertain herself with nothing but herself. Everyone loves McKenna because she brings with her a good time. Not just content, not just happy–she is full of joy. At church, you can hear several children in the 5 and younger crowd yelling out, “Look! There’s Kenna! Hi Kenna!” or “Where’s McKenna? I can’t see her?!”


Sleep is all normal. She still takes a long time to fall asleep some nights, and she sometimes plays 1.5 hours into her nap. Sometimes I go in and tell her to go to sleep, and she does.

The next big thing in her life with sleep will be the big girl bed. Both of my older two were in a big kid bed long before this point in life, but I don’t have a baby in need of the crib so I am fine waiting. I do feel like it is getting to be time, though. I feel like by the end of August, we will be moved over or will do so in September. 

I think I want to move over to a twin bed even though we already own a toddler bed. I think since twin beds are higher up than toddler beds, the child will be more likely to stay in bed. So I will have to buy a bed first.

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Anyone with a toddler with older siblings can probably related to the total mimic that she is of her siblings. She follows them around everywhere trying to do exactly what they do in every way. It is so cute to watch. It also reaffirms to me how much value there is in working to train the older siblings correctly because if the oldest has undesirable habits, every subsequent child will copy that.


We are having a very fun and very busy summer. I am trying to soak up what I am viewing as the last summer of innocence–Brayden starts full day school this fall. Next summer, he will be 7 and moving on to the next phase of life–a more mature phase.

So we are taking advantage of every moment. Anyway, she does great with disruptions. She can stay up late, go down for a nap late, etc. and stay her happy self. I am, however, very respectful of her sleep. I don’t often interrupt it. I let her get it in–it isn’t much time. It is easy to do. 


McKenna is talking so well. So very well. She communicates well and talks well. Several months ago, she was not above average in any way in talking. She was pretty much on average, but she has really exploded.

And this girl is obsessed with books. Totally in love with books. 


McKenna is also very smart. She is super ahead on things like colors–she knows all of the basics and all of the harder shades. She also knows all of her shapes–even things like diamonds that usually trip even 4 year olds up. 

She is also “street smart” and good at figuring things out on her own. She is a great problem solver. I attribute a lot of that ability to her being the third child in our house. I can’t always help her immediately, so she usually just figures it out. Add her independent two year old spirit in there and even if I offer to help she says, “No, I do it.” And she does. 


Her discipline is so great. She has been so good. She says things like “Yes Mommy, I coming” and “okay Mommy” and “I sorry.” These are not things I have ever had to sit her down and teacher her–they are again product of her paying close attention to her siblings and how things work. A great benefit of working hard with the older children!

I think our predictable daily schedule has been very beneficial with this. Even with our disruptions, our “normal” days are so incredibly consistent that she knows what to expect. And when we have disruptions, I make sure the rest of the day is consistent. 

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Here is our summer schedule for cool weather. So far, summer has been cool weather for us. 

8:00–Wake up and eat breakfast
8:30–Music time/learning time review
9:00–Get ready
10:00–Walk or bike ride
10:30–Independent Play
11:30–Learning Activity
12:30–Outside play
4:00 or 4:30–Get up–or free play. Sometimes TV time, but rare.
6:00–Family Activities
7:30–Get ready for bed

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