Twins and Babywise

When my husband and I brought home our twins last year it was pretty chaotic. Being new parents we were overwhelmed with the thought of taking care of two babies. Everything I read with twins said the key was to get them on the same schedule…. However, I had no clue how to do that. Enter Babywise. We started doing Babywise when they were around 6 or 8 weeks old. My son was in the NICU for 2 weeks after their birth, and they had him on a 3 hour schedule, so we were able to just continue that when we brought him home. Then we gradually got my daughter on that same schedule. We started implementing a regular bedtime (at first it was 7:30, then it got moved up to 7), and did a dreamfeed around 10pm. We only did the dreamfeed for about 2 weeks and at about 10 weeks they started sleeping through the night and have never looked back! We also worked hard at making sure they had a regular nap routine during the day which I believe helped a lot. Sure, there have been ups and downs-  random night waking here and there, short naps, etc., etc. but we stuck to it and made it through. It’s nice to have a “baseline” to return to. People say we are “lucky” to have such good sleepers. Sure, maybe luck is part of it- but I also know that the hard work we put into it was also a big part of it. Our son and daughter are now 16 months old and are happy and healthy. Their development is at an 18 month level and they were born a month early! I recommend Babywise to any of my friends who are expecting and always tell them they can modify it to what they are comfortable with- i.e. I wasn’t comfortable with crying it out longer than 10 minutes. Obviously though, it still worked! If we decide to have a third baby, I’ll be going back to Babywise Book 1 but will start it right after birth this time.


I also want to thank Val for such a great blog. It has been my reference point so many times during the past year!!



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