Undershirts for Girls {Friday Finds}

Sometime in the preteen years, your girls are going to start to need something for extra coverage in the breast area. They don’t usually have breasts at this age, but they do usually start to have breast buds at this age. The normal age-range for this to start is between 8-13 years old. I think it is a good idea to communicate with your girls as seven year olds or at their eighth birthday if they seem like they aren’t close at seven, and tell them to let you know when they start to develop hard bumps under their nipples.


When this happened for Kaitlyn, we went to the store and bought a training bra. She didn’t find it comfortable, though. So we went and bought another one in a different brand. Again, not comfortable. 


The reality is that she doesn’t need a full training bra right now. She just needs a little extra coverage basically. So we decided to give an undershirt a try. This post contains affiliate links


I bought her a pack of these Fruit of the Loom tanks. Right now, as a 9 year old, I typically buy her clothes in a size 10/12 so she can grow into them a bit. I wen the same way with the undershirts and did a large. They were fine, but baggier than idea for an undershirt. So I ordered a package of medium and it is the right fit for an undershirt.

It worked very well! She much preferred that to the training bra, and it did the job we needed it to. It is the perfect first step before the bra.

Because it worked so well, I also got a pack of these Fruit of the Loom tanks with the thinner straps. I figured that would work best for some shirt types. Even though it isn’t pictured, these tanks came with little bows on them. I just used my sewing picker to remove the little bows (you can see the bows through the shirt…not sure why that would be desired).

Now when your little girl reaches the point of needing some more coverage, you can know a more comfortable first step. It will come faster than you think! 



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  1. Thank you! Your daughter is probably graduating high school this year, but it was exactly what I was looking for for my 9-year old. 🙂


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