15 Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse

15 Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse. Questions to ask your spouse on your next date night and get conversation going.

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As I mentioned two weeks ago, my husband and I recently attended a class on marriage. At the class, we were given a list of 15 questions to discuss with your spouse developed by Doug Brinley. These promote personal level communication.

Brinley suggests that before bedtime, you and your spouse choose one topic and discuss it for 15 minutes. You are honest, positive, and willing to risk sharing your thoughts and ideas. Avoid criticism.

This document to the left is a jpg that should be printable quality. If you want to print these questions out all cute-sy, go right ahead!

  1. When I first knew I loved you and wanted to marry you.
  2. My own strengths and weaknesses–how I feel about them. Things I am working to improve.
  3. Events and situations that make me happy–activities that I enjoy doing.
  4. How marriage has been different than I thought it would be.
  5. An outstanding trait I think you have developed since we got married.
  6. My favorite scripture, poem, or spiritual experience.
  7. How I feel about our home and family–how I would like it to be; if I could change one thing.
  8. How I feel about being a dad/mom.
  9. The meaning of intimacy to me–what part it plays in my life.
  10. How I feel about my work and/or homemaking role.
  11. What I enjoy about marriage compared to being single.
  12. My attitude about money, spending, and saving.
  13. Things that depress, frustrate, or discourage me.
  14. A trait I like in other people that I wish I had.
  15. An area I could use some help in carrying out better in our marriage.

I encourage you to take the time to go through these questions. You could do one a week, one a day…whatever works for you. It will help you to talk on a deeper level of communication, which strengthens a relationship.


15 Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse. Questions to ask your spouse on your next date night and get conversation going. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! My hubby recently informed me that he doesn't like 'always' talking about the kids – go figure :-P. And though I wouldn't say we struggle to find things to talk about, we often times don't take advantage of the time after both kids are in bed. This is a helpful reminder to take advantage of those precious, quiet evenings together 🙂


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