Brayden Summary: 6.75 Years Old


This is it–the countdown to 7. Doesn’t 7 seem old? I think so.




Sleeping is the same. He goes to bed between 8-8:30. He wakes at 7:00 AM. He has rest time once a week on Sunday.



He still eats well and is very adventurous in trying new foods. His tastes are definitely maturing. 


And if you find it super borning to hear “sleep is good” and “food is good”–at least take it as an encouragement that two things that can cause you so much worry in the baby years are not of concern in the child years. You have much bigger “fish to fry” so to speak.



I mentioned last time that he had “growing pains” at night sometimes, and many of you commented you believe growing pains to be very real. He hasn’t really had them recently.



Playing is interesting right now. He is very, very into imaginative play, which I think is not really what the average child is focusing on at this age. I haven’t looked into it. I know one of my good friends, who is very geniusly imaginative (and I don’t use the word “genius” lightly) says she loved to play imaginatinatively much longer than her peers. The strange thing for me is that he was not into imagination as a toddler. I would try to get him to imagine (“Brayden, do you hear those birds? What are they saying?” “Birds don’t talk mom.”). So I am not sure if he is hitting imagination later than usual, or if he is just going to be super imaginative.



Brayden continues to do well in school. I still help out in class often. A difficulty he faces in class is the same he does at home: being in-charge. He seems to feel it is his duty to keep everyone around him on task and following the rules. He struggles with that at home, too. That is his task he is working on improving at home and at school.


At the last parent/teacher conference, his teacher told me his reading level, and I realized we aren’t encouraging him to read on the level he is at when at home. I was going by the books they are sending home for reading groups, but he is actually at a fourth grade reading level. We started having him read one picture book to Kaitlyn each night while we are doing bedtime routine. This is still not up to fourth grade level, but picture books have a great variety in vocabulary words. He also will read ahead silently in his chapter books, which for some reason I find incredibly cute. I guess it is because I have always desired for my children to love to read, so it thrills me to see my baby boy reading those books on his own and because he can’t wait to see what happens.



Home life is going well. Like I said, he has his moments of thinking he is “large and in charge.” 


He is super sweet and empathetic. As I have been pregnant, he always dashes to get me a bowl to throw up in and he cries with me when I do throw up. He is the only one ever to cry with me while I throw up (he did it as a baby, too, when I was pregnant). He loves to help out as best he can.


He was having some issues with basically being pessimistic. When it was time to go to school and he had to stop playing in the morning, he would be upset. We have spent a lot of time the last month focusing on what we are grateful for. “Instead of being upset playtime is over, be grateful for all the fun you had while playing.” It really stems back to having trouble with transitions unless he has warning–an issue he has always faced. If I tell him “five more minutes until it is time to go to school” he has no issue with it. The trouble is, I think he is old enough it is time to learn coping skills because life won’t always give you a five minute warning. 



Last time, I mentioned that we were working on Brayden not telling people they were wrong. He is doing great at this. But, like I said, his current thing to work on is a close cousin to his previous goal and that is his feeling he needs to keep people on task. We remind him he doesn’t need to be the parent or the teacher–he needs to be the brother, friend, and student. While I know he can’t grasp it yet (not until he is an adult), I tell him he needs to enjoy being a child. Once you become and adult, you can’t go back to childhood. You can’t relinquish that responsibility once it is yours. The time to enjoy childhood is now. 



Favorite toy is still, hands down, Legos.



We are still reading the same series. I should add he also reads various picture books as well as science books. 


I don’t want to post a detailed schedule of his day on the internet, so I will do generalities.


Before School (day starts at 7 AM)

Before school he does these activities:

  • Gets ready (shower, dressed, pray, brush teeth, make bed, eat breakfast)
  • Read church magazine (I like to read an article from a church magazine we get to help him have a peaceful frame of mind before going to school)
  • Plays with Kaitlyn
  • He sometimes practices his piano before school–sometimes after school

School Day

  • School stuff

After School

  • Homework
  • Practice piano if didn’t do it in the morning
  • Video game time (three days a week)
  • Play with siblings
  • Dinner
  • Chores
  • Family time
  • Get ready for bed (in bed by 8-8:30 PM)

Extra Activities

Right now, he has piano lessons, basketball, swimming lessons, and ice skating lessons. We haven’t had all of that all at once–we are in the two weeks they all overlap each other. 

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